Monday, February 15, 2021

Do You Know Owen? and YHGTBSM..... schadenboner time!

Semi related in the fact that if two teams are playing and one loses then the other side winz, correct?

First off this meme:

 They lost, again.

And this:

 Over the weekend I heard talk of this but never got a chance to check it out. I did not watch the 

superbowl, #fuckthat, but I did hear people discussing the social justice/ woke/  corporate pandering

commercials that were played. One I did see was the Dr Sasquatch one and that was pretty good. 

They have some good ones HERE<<. 

Moving on, I heard Bruce Springsteen did a commercial for Jeep and it was utter BS.

For the record, I just watched it for the first time and had I seen it live I know my response would 

have been "Fuck you" while given the finger to the TV.

Here is the Ad

Meet in the middle, my ass.



 Now I see this after hearing talk about it over the weekend:

Jeep pulls Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl ad over drunken driving charge



These corporations are so concerned with out woking each other it's rediculous. 

Pandering to special interests groups, pushing the narrative and agenda.

Come on Jeep, now that orange man bad is gone we all gotta sing kumbaya?

The media is trying to smooth things over and maintain some level of calm. Some bloggers

are pointing out that there will be a mass casualty event to help ratchet the fight against 2A.

I also truly believe that soon we will be told that someone has to step down due to medical 

issues and we will truly have our first African Ameri ,  jamaican/indian female prez.

They only have less than 2 years to push through their wet dreams. There is no middle.






  1. Not sure they're going to wait....

  2. I would like to take this opportunity to remind "The Boss" that more people die EVERY DAY from drunk drivers than in almost any "mass shooting", spare a couple like Vegas and Virginia Tech, you self righteous little bitch.

    1. There ya go.

      Plus, this guy is the most untalented 'performer' I can think of.

  3. along with "jamaican/indian female prez" you left out "great great grand daughter of one of the biggest slave traders in the triangle trade who was a white guy". ;-O ooohhh I think a tingle just ran up my leg.


  4. Actually, I think by the good protesting weather there will be enough people impacted by Joe and the Ho's EOs that the impeachment may be on the other foot and the public will be screaming to have Trump reinstated.

    If you're waiting for '22, I doubt it will ever come IYKWIMAITYD.

    I do think you're right about there will be a mass casualty event to help ratchet the fight against 2A.


  5. Interesting how many speak of the next election. Not so much about the takeover of our nation. Good luck with elections.

  6. No election will make a difference at this point.

  7. I'm utterly shocked the DNC or its owners didn't have a dude on a rooftop to whack Gropey Joe the second he said "States." Woulda made that whole getting Kamalamadingdong into office a helluva lot easier. And ya get to martyr Gropey at the same time! It's a twofer!

  8. The church is still there so I know he never set foot in it or lightning would have hit it.

  9. They new all along he had that charge out there. They used it as cover to pull the ad after they realized it was a total loser. Very negative response.

  10. Wait, not that far from me. hey bruce the *^&*() meet you there tonight you philandering p&(*y.

  11. In the Jeep ad, WTF am I looking at from 0:57 to 0:59?

  12. Kind of out of the loop on the commercial, but do have a faint, distant knowledge of the area. Fall of 1965, had a roommate who lived in north central Kansas and it was pheasant season. So the three of us roomies went to visit his family and go hunting.

    But first, the Blind Date: there were 2 girls who were recruited, but one chickened out, so I said "okay, I'll go". Borrowed an old Jeep-may have been a Cherokee-from the guy's father, and off we went, just the two of us. Asked her where we should go, as I didn't know the area. She said there wasn't much in town, but we could go up to the Geo. Huh??? The geographic center of the country, you dufus. So we found it, saw the sign, then started making out. Eventually we fell asleep with the motor running and by the time we woke up the thing had run out of gas. In. the. middle. of. fucking. NOWHERE!!!

    Saw a dim porch light a fair distance off, so started hiking to see what I could find. Woke the poor guy up-it was at least 2am by then-told him my 'out of gas story', and he fixed me up with a 5 gallon can of gas, drove me back to the Jeep and my new 'love', and we soon were headed back to town. Gave the guy my last $5 for his bother; he was reluctant to take it, but I insisted. Her mother was waiting up for us, noticed that her daughter's clothes were pretty wrinkled but didn't even lecture me.

    Though we did hook up once more the following summer, we went our separate ways for good. If you ever doubted the line from The Beach Boys about "the Midwest farmer's daughter", you ain't never been to the Midwest and spent an evening with one of them girls. BTW, we didn't even see a pheasant.

    Thanks to algore's Internet thingy I learned a few years back that she had passed away, sadly missed by her sons and grandkids. Her obituary had a picture-she looked just like she did when she was a high school senior-slim with a twinkle in her eye.

    RIP, Alice.

  13. Anyone else think Bruce looks like Stan Laurel?

  14. brucie is a FULL BLOWN......J.O.


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