Monday, February 15, 2021

Every once in a while a comment will bring tears to my eyes....


  Reaching out to the community about the shoulder situation resulted in an outpouring of 

help, information, related issues others that have dealt with, and legitimate concern. One comment

really got me in the feelz this morning. It's 0-dark-thirty, I set my coffee next to the keyboard and

logged in to check out all the shit I check out before it's off to work time. Which, for whatever reason, is 

about two hours from now and it is the fastest two hours of my day. Anyway, I see there are a bunch

of comments that came in over the night time hours and one in particular was very succinct in

the concern and caring about my health. This is why I do what I do, all the way to the end...


I think what really is motivating most of us is our concern that you won't make it back for next Friday. 

Sir/Ma'am, you win the internet for the day. That right there gave me a good laugh so much so that I 

had tears rolling down my cheeks. That's fucking funny. It takes a lot to get a good genuine laugh out 

me lately, given the times we are living in, and that did.

 Although, you were probably totally serious, and speak for many as you typed it.

I can hear the conversation now:

"Shit, I just read that Irish fucked up his shoulder"

"No way, he better get it fixed before next Friday!"

That right there is some damn heart felt caring.......

Ok, now I gotta start prepping for this week.






  1. I also remember the advice about drinking and driving, told many, many years ago by Bill Cosby, before he became infamous for sleeping with young women who followed him up to his hotel room, thinking that he would perhaps give them some tips on how to make it in show business.
    When you are drinking, and have to drive home, having just a bit too much of the demon rum, have one more for the road. Face traffic with confidence!
    So if your shoulder hurts too much this week, and you think you won't make it, my advice, as a non doctor, would be to have a drink of something alcoholic and old, that is almost as over priced as guns and ammo is today. It might not kill the pain, but you won't care if it hurts anymore.
    Seriously though, take care of your shoulder. My wife had a torn rotator cuff, and surgery alone was not a cure, she had to do a lot of PT to help get it back where it was. So wishing you the best, and have a good week.


  2. Not only made you laugh, made me laugh too. Thanks for sharing.

    As to the improved mobility a detailed description of the motion you made might be helpful for us other old guys. I gather after lifting your arm in the shower you walked your fingers up the wall. To the front or side and how close to the wall were you?

    I once had tennis elbow for a few days after lugging my tools up two stories. One day I extended my arm straight out, made a slight rotation, pop and the pain was gone

  3. To damn funny. Glad to hear the pop story. I to experienced it a year ago. Trashed the shoulder just after Christmas, lots of pain. In January was stressed to the hilt with medical issue for daughter out of town for serious surgery. Son was being himself but I lost it shook my finger at him saying in hard manner shut the up. Pop went the shoulder and damn near full range of motion with very little pain. I thanked him for healing me. Get that MRI dammit so at least you know what your dealing with decide on surgery later.

  4. Glad to hear you got some relief with the shoulder. Hopefully it's on the mend with no need to go under the knife. Probably should still get an MRI to determine if there is or was any real damage.


  5. You know, don't you, that the Old Lady never laughs at anything I say.

    Thanks for the compliment. And yes, I was joking. Mostly.

    1. Well, you tell 'er Irish says you're a funny bastard.

      ( lemme know how that works out for ya' :)

    2. She has no use for nor little appreciation of dry humor and is far too old to ever change.

      BTW, someone commented a week or two ago about how one of the Friday gals looked so much like someone from his past. Same here with a couple of the ladies. I'll bet others would agree. Now you can add "therapist" to your resume. Getting all us old coots a thinking about those long, long ago girls.


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