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Monday, February 15, 2021

Escalation In 3...2....











  1. Notice the choke chain collar.

  2. Now that's and oh shit, brown your drawers, moment right there.


  3. Come to think of it, that looks like a command to the Rottie to get his leash.

  4. Irish, thanks for this post.
    I have raised Rotties since the late 80's, phenomenal dogs, smart, extremely loyal and are off the scale tough. My last one passed in 2018 and I just haven't had the heart yet to replace my Sammie. I owned a company that employed about 25-35 people, a good percentage were druggies along with all the problems they create. They would take draws mid pay period, payday would arrive and they would end up short on their bills. Paydays were days of threats, anger and mayhem. We talked about putting plexiglass in, keeping a loaded shotgun in the corner then I had a brilliant idea. A Rottweiler. I bought the dog, he was 8 months old and 120lbs. A big boy. The threats stopped that day plus I had found a great dog that would affect the rest of my life in such a positive way. The "people" who turn these dogs into monsters should be put down permanently, the dogs absolutely do not deserve this media label. You will not find a better dog breed. In a time when it is very hard to trust anything or anybody, you can absolutely trust a Rottie to be a Rottie.

  5. The video quit waaaaaaay too soon!
    Moar, moar!!


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