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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Above My Pay Grade...Genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus (hCoV-19)

The links below were posted in this comment by Iska on this thread at THEBURNINGPLATFORM <<

Iska Waran comment:
I stumbled across this layman’s Twitter feed and now I’m checking in several times a day. https://twitter.com/__philipn__ As he says – “not a doctor or medical professional”, BUT he seems smart and via this feed has been collecting and disseminating theories and studies about possible use of ACE inhibitors and “ARBs” (Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers) against COVID19. The initial theory was that since the virus attacks via the ACE2 receptor, an ARB like Losartan might block that receptor and deny the virus access to the cell. Not sure that will prove to be true, but ARBs and ACEi’s seem to generally stymie viruses.
A few days ago The Lancet published an article that theorizes that ARBs and ACEi’s might put people at greater risk – since they “upregulate” (increase) ACE2 (which the virus uses to attack), but the counter theory is that having high levels of ACE2 is necessary to avoid sever lung and heart damage. This theory goes on that the virus -after using ACE2 to gain entry – “downregulates” (decreases) ACE2, leaving the patient at grave risk of serious heart and lung damage. Therefore, ACEi’s and ARBs (both of which upregulate ACE2) are likely PROTECTIVE – the exact OPPOSITE of what the Lancet article says.
There are plenty of rabbit holes at that Twitter account to go down if you’re so-inclined. Here’s a good start: https://twitter.com/EricTopol/status/1238833421926858752
Hope Karl Denninger sees this. I got the Ban Hammer there long ago (LOL), but he should know that the Lancet article against hypertension meds is NOT universally accepted, by any means, and could have it EXACTLY backwards.

 One of the retweets from Eric Topol (link above)  references this map and NEXTSTRAIN

Nextstrain is an open-source project to harness the scientific and public health potential of pathogen genome data.

Here is a map showing 497 of 497 genomes sampled between Dec 2019 and Mar 2020. 

 Link to the map LINK<<<

Below is the twitter post embedded

There are definitely lots of rabbit holes to follow.............


  1. being on losartan already and in the at risk group, I'll let you know if I die sooner or later. gonna happen no matter what. may as well die famous.

  2. Same here....been on Losartan a while now. LOL
    Supply will prolly dry up now tho... prolly sourced from China

  3. Ditto. Losartan seems to be a popular high blood pressure med.

  4. Ace inhibitors work by depleting zinc. Zinc is necessary for the immune system. I started on Lisinopril about 13 years ago and have been sick under circumstances that I never did before, and the sicknesses are worsening. I did not find out about the problem until I was recovering from near a case of bronchitis that tried to go into pneumonia a week ago. I'm sucking on zinc lozenges twice a day now and will see if it helps.

    High blood pressure places you at risk for the WuFlu, by itself. Zinc depletion increases the problem.

    1. not to waste the good, old fart vitamins have more than enough zinc in them. what the body can't use or store it eliminates.

  5. One of the earliest stories that came out of China on this was the bat virus researcher who became infected and immediately started taking the AIDS cocktail of anti-virals. Kaletra (ritonavir and lopinavir) and maybe Cloroquine? I don't know what happened to him, or that story. But this is similar .


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