Sunday, March 8, 2020

Are We Just Whistling Past The Graveyard?

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( I started this on Friday and saved it as a draft.  I thought there was no sense in crapping on a good start to the weekend with some doom and gloom, now that it's almost Monday here goes)
Friday night  I wrote:   Here are a couple twitter threads that are worth reading.  The first one is from Carpe Donktum, the best pro Trump meme maker. It's his personal take on Covid-19 

The second one is from Liz Specht. She discusses the possible healthcare failure if/when the system gets over run.  

Added today :   Before I got around to finish this and hit publish,  I did my morning surf and felt I should add AESOP's POST << to this list. Do go read the post and comment thread.  One of the comments also referenced Liz Specht's twitter thread you can read below.

A few others worth adding: 

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Phil's post and comments <<

The Burning Platform another from Biologist on a Bike<<

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  1. I have to say I've thought exactly what Carpe Donktum said. If the Chinese wanted to get Trump out of office, get rid of the thorn in their side pushing tariffs that cut their economy, they couldn't do better. A year ago, we were saying the only thing that could make the election close is an economic collapse, and we're overdue for a recession.

    There can be no bigger contrast than the guy who pushes free markets and tries to get the health care industry more open market running against a Donk that wants the government to control every aspect of health care. The more terrified of the virus the middle range of voters is the more likely the socialists win, and then it's all over. Every national election is determined by a couple percent of the voters who swing the closest precincts in the closest elections.

  2. First, it's still just a flu.

    Second, yeah, a germ warfare project that slipped out. Looks like it's hurting the Red Zone (our Korean War foes) a lot more than us, so I think the idea this is a plot is stretching it.

    Third, Fake News is trying, oh, so hard, not to let a good crisis go to waste, but they're crying, "Wolf!", here. With a .1% fatality rate, it's just like the flu and with the same age group.

    Finally, the weather's getting warmer and people will be going out a lot more. Then this thing will abate.

  3. I'll echo edutcher. I see media hype. That said, never underestimate the stupidity of the collective. Wife got a panicked phone call last night from her sister saying there is now a reported case in Missouri, go stock up on toilet paper. Seriously? Even if there was a run on TP, you don't have soap and washcloths?

  4. My thoughts have also been tending toward the idea that this is more of an induced panic than a end-of-times event. The virus spreading in densely populated areas that do not enforce strict hygiene standards. There also would seem to be millions that not only recovered from the virus, but did not know they had this particular virus. I have seen so many attempted panics (SARS, Zika, Ebola, avian, H1N1, etc.) that faded away when but with modern medical standards. Wash your hands, stay home if you are displaying these symptoms, and so forth. Don't but all the effing toilet paper, it's not dysentery (unless you live in a California sanctuary city).

  5. What does a guy label this ops......bull shit......yeah that's it


  6. Remember, we don't know what the "Walking Dude" is doing while this is happening do we?

  7. When I see shit like "...people who do modeling and forecasting for a living..." I usually swear and throw things. You mean like the people that forecast that all the polar ice would be gone and people would be dying by the millions because of global warming? These same "experts" are using the same flawed methodology - they take an inch of observation and then apply light-years of straight-line extrapolation and tell us "see, that's SCIENCE!". No, that's ignorant bullshit, and I can't believe college graduates are that stupid these days. What's going to overload the healthcare system? Since when does everyone that gets a respiratory disease get hospitalized? The flu? Bronchitis? Asthma? Emphysema even? As for "doing the math", tell me the death rate, total deaths, anything that justifies the fear-mongering. No, you got nothing!! Compare to this - "According to a Telegraph report, Japan's health ministry had launched an investigation in 2012 after it was estimated that 14,000 people died every year in the tub. The number was three times as many as those who died in car accidents."
    And you have 3,000 deaths worldwide in three months and we are supposed to be concerned?!?! And, no mention of the seasonality of all flu-like diseases. The flu happens in the winter because of the short days and Vitamin D deficiency, and it goes away when the days get longer. So, any reason this covid nonsense will not do the same? No, none. How can so-called healthcare experts ignore this factor? Two reasons - they are crooks pushing an agenda or they are piss-poor healthcare professionals.
    Doesn't take much to turn a country into a bunch of quivering sheep, does it?

  8. We call people willing to panic over stupid shit like this useful idiots, precisely because they're eager to gobble every big cock the MSM shoves in their mouths. Fuck 'em. I'll keep my distance and wish, mightily, that their fears were valid and a herd-thinning had actually begun.


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