Sunday, March 8, 2020

A&&Hole Drivers. If You Are In Southeastern Nh You Know Route 125.

 Everyday I travel Route 125. It's a divided, very busy, two lane road that runs North from the mASShole border to Route 16 in Wakefield.

Down in Plaistow NH in the border area it's divided with 2 lanes on each side and very busy.

 There are lots of businesses for maSShole tax free shopping and it's a well traveled route for commuters.

Here's a screen shot of google street view in Plaistow for reference:

After you get the north end of Plaistow it turns mostly into undivided highway.

Speed limits go anywhere from 35 to 55 mph with traffic traveling faster than that.

As with many secondary roads around the country this is a common view:

There are some passing zones, turn off lanes and stop lights as you travel North through the various towns.

As I said, I travel this route by car and motorcycle often and have witnessed this kid of stupidity in the video below. People passing over double yellow and in no passing zones. Granted it wasn't to this extent and conclusion. Nine times out of ten the idiot doing the passing and speeding will get stuck a light a couple minutes down the road and I'll roll up a few cars behind them. So all the rushing and possible carnage wasn't worth it.

Where ever this video is from, I can definitely empathize with this guy's comment at the end. And no, I wouldn't stop to help. Fuck em'


  1. Isn't that the route from Boston to Portsmouth to go around the tolls? If so I have done it a few times and I have experienced the Massholes do not obey standard traffic laws. Frustrating...

    BTW: I am planning a solo motorcycle ride from NE Atlanta, up the Blueridge parkway, and then secondary roads to Dover NH this June. I have tickets to see the Braves play at Fenway with my daughter two days running.

    1. I think you are thinking of Route 1 on the coast.

      You can take 125 off 495 in Haverhill MA. It will take you right up to Dover as well. Route 16 will take you from Portsmouth to Dover.

      Keep me posted on the trip if you like. Send me an email. Mine is on the sidebar.

  2. If something unpredictable happens while driving, I have your back and will get out of the way so we are all safe.

    In this instance, yep, I'd just keep on going. POS made their own bed. Let them sleep in it.

    A dirt nap would be best

    1. The driver with the cam may be stopping to make sure the responding officers get to see the full beauty of the POS's driving skills.

  3. That's exactly what I would have said. In fact that even sounds like me. That's also why I have turned off the audio on my dash cam.

    1. Personally (provided you don't listen to angry rap music on the sound system) I would leave the sound on. It picks up the ticking of the indicators and if you are involved in an accident, then you can claim that you DID signal and the evidence is on the recording. It makes the claim of the other driver that you did not signal a BFL (bare faced lie).

      A minor point but when you deal with the insurance company, every minor detail in your favour counts.

      Phil B

  4. Yup. Just another day in Los Angeles traffic. Google "la traffic 405" and comment back. That's what I deal with, daily. 60 miles worth. Lol.

    Reminds me of the time I watched an idiot in the rain, swerve from lane 5 across the freeway into the carpool lane (6 lanes), hit the guy in the carpool lane head on, which bounced his ass all the way back across 6 lanes and over the edge of the freeway. Priceless fun.

  5. what we get in central NM: imagine being the only type A person in the county. you get stuck behind a local ( "manana does not mean tomorrow. manana means not today!" ) doing 20 in a 35. he gets off main street onto Route 1, and proceeds to drive 35 in a 50. absolute zero consideration for anyone else.

  6. Since the asshole is outof the way of traffic, no way I would either stop nor bother to call 911. If the idiot killed him/herself, good riddance. One less S4B on the roads.

  7. I disagree. I would have pulled over to the side and walked over to the accident.
    "You ok?"
    "You have cell phone service?"
    "Ok. Bye."

    Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman


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