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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Watch as Colorado deputy narrowly escapes mountain lion attack; big cat shot and killed



  1. Hey Irish;

    "But they are so soft and cuddly....." says the average liberal who has no idea what life is about.

  2. I'm on the cats side on this one.

  3. We have so many cats around the front range it’s crazy, we see them every week

  4. Lucky they were not shot by their own.

  5. assholes who go biking and jogging up in the front range and have their earbud blasting in the head and their heads down into their phones need to remember some things. Mountain Lions have been designed by nature to take prey and eat it that are just about human sized but run much faster and are much more nimble. Human activities scare away natural lion prey. Lions are left with only a very few things on their dinner plate. Humans, dogs and other human used animals like llamas, sheep, small horses, burros, whatever. A hungry lion will take a dog in a heartbeat. go running thru a hungry lions territory and across it's dinner plate and it will take you too. people are so stupid. mother nature tends to cull the stupid. humans tend to rescue the stupid from their own folly. that's why there is so many stupid humans and a lot of smart predators.


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