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Thursday, March 12, 2020

With over 44" of rain in my neck of the woods since January 1st, this is how kids may soon be traveling to school in north Alabama


  1. I wanted to ask Jeffery, if you don't mind, do you live up in the Bankhead? I love that Northern part of Alabama, I used to live down south near Troy and use to go fishing and hunting up around there. I have been thinking of moving from here, South Dakota and moving up in that area.

  2. I live and have lived inside the boundaries of the Wm. B. Bankhead National Forest my entire life. I have lived on Smith Lake for the past 27 years (still inside the Bankhead). Where in SD do you currently live? I went pheasant hunting for many years near Lake Andes (I think it was a Geddes address).

  3. I currently live in De Smet, you know it as "The Little House on the Prairie" It is in the Eastern Central part of the state, I am about 40 miles from Minnesota. You may have hunting Ring Necks up here, it is the Ring Neck Capitol. Lakes Andes is about 120 miles south and a little west of me, down by Yankton and the Missouri River. I have fished the lake a few times. Never hunted pheasant down there cuz' so many up here. Geddes is as far from Lake Andes as Yankton the opposite way down State Route 50. It is getting too damn cold here for these old bones.

  4. Geddes is 15 miles from Lake Andes. Yankton is 86 miles from Lake Andes. I am not sure what you meant. I was just using Lake Andes as a reference. The guide we were using at that time wasn't from Geddes proper, but that was his mailing address. I am not familiar with De Smet. I have hunted up there on opening week and wore short sleeves. I have also hunted up there opening week and been in fairly deep snow. You stay warm Cederq and if you get down this way, drop me a line.


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