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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

State Department spokeswoman floats jobs as answer to ISIS

It gets more bizarre by the minute. Pondering this type of thinking/logic in reverse one might be lead to believe that if Americans began the wholesale slaughter of muzzloids in this country, one might possibly obtain training and a job. I am afraid this administration simply does not "get it" or chooses not too see the solution. The only way to defeat "these people" is to destroy their will to wage war. It is hard to frighten someone who believes that by dying for their cause they will be rewarded in their afterlife. This is akin to the Japanese/Bushido Code during WWII.  This too is where the western powers could take a page from history and apply ample quantities of "weapons of mass destruction" in the right places and "these people" will get in line or become extinct. Click here for the link.


  1. Considering the Obamanoids, they probably mean they want to round up ISIS and bring them here to give them jobs.

  2. kill them! kill their wives! kill their children! kill their parents! Kill their grandparents! then the problem will go away till the next group of fanatics rise up! When will we ever learn?

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  3. Seemed to work with Japanese way back in the 40's. Should work now. What's your answer rat boy? I know what it will be when the devil is at YOUR door. Better people than you will of course suffer for your lack of resolve. I would love to sit down and negotiate with other humans and hash out our differences. These ain't them.

  4. A lot of folks are forgetting (or haven't heard) that the big draw for ISIS is that the young maggots who join up do NOT have to wait for their "reward" they can take war brides (aka sex slaves, disposable "sacks of meat") right here and now. Their squad leaders can let them rape these Christian women, little girls, even infants. Then they can kill them, sell them, or keep them. muhhamed (p*ss be onto him) that they are mere chattel. They can be beaten, starved, raped, tortured with lit cigarettes, stoned, with no one to stop them, just there to encourage them.

    These vermin need to be eliminated, made to become an extinct species, not an endangered species.


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