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Friday, February 20, 2015

Ron Paul: “Good News” That Secession Is Happening

For sometime now I have wondered how long Americans in the "fly-over states" would allow themselves to be governed by people whose ideas are so foreign to their core beliefs and values all the while subsidizing this lunacy by continuing to pay federal taxes which perpetuate these same alien ideologies. A good example is the most recent ruling by a federal judge which forces Alabama to recognize same sex marriages. Contrary to what the MSM would have most American's believe ( that all peoples below the Mason-Dixon line are hillbilly, redneck, racist, illiterate, toothless, homophobic inbred mutants), the majority of Alabamians could care less what two consenting adults do in their private lives. However, Alabamians overwhelmingly believe that marriage is ordained by God and should be defined in no other terms than that between a woman and man.  Eighty-one percent of Alabamians demonstrated this in the 2006 state elections by passing an amendment to the state constitution that prevented authorities from issuing a marriage license "parties of the same sex". I state this not to debate the issue of gay marriage, but to illustrate how even though the majority within a state can believe so strongly in favor of or against an issue or idea and be clearly within the law as outlined by the U.S. Constitution and their states constitution,  still can have a federal judge wipe their backsides with these documents and tell those people within those states  "we feel" or "I feel" and force the issue down the peoples throats (lots of pun intended here). Furthermore, if the residents of those states do not accept the ruling the federal government may or may not be willing to  enforce such a decision with armed federal troops. Dr. Paul makes some good points in this article. It brings to mind those innovative judges of probate in tiny county courthouses throughout Alabama who thumbed their nose to the federal judges ruling by basically saying "OK then, we will not issue any marriage license". As most people know, "there are more ways than one to skin a cat"! Click here to see the piece.



  1. States' Rights: A doctrine and strategy in which the rights of the individual states are protected by the U.S. Constitution from interference by the federal government. Now if only the Constitution was followed.

  2. The Constitution is not being followed and that is the whole point of crazy uncle Ron's statement. The part that he doesn't state though is the complete anarchy that is going to occur while the local citizens in the various states get their shit together.
    In uncle Ron's world it's all just going to happen via local politics.
    Pissed, I have bad news for you. You are going to have to move much further South.
    I'd be honored to nominate you for honorary Texas Citizenship.
    Come on down. The summer heat and humidity sucks, BUT the winters are much milder.


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