Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Is The Ultimate Goal?

Everyday that I read the news it always seems to be bassackwards to what I believe
 or what I have been taught. 

Sometimes I ask myself these questions......

Why is the Border not secure?
Why are illegals not detained or deported?
Why is the Border Patrol told to run?
Why do we coddle muslim extremists?
Why are the police looking more and more like the military?
Why can't voter rolls be purged?
Why can't voters show an ID?
Why do the special groups get away with what ever they want?

I seem to ask myself why on a lot of things lately the above list 
is just a start. 

What is the Ultimate Goal?

When the answer comes, it won't be pretty.


  1. I really hate to think what this is all adding up to.
    If it's civil war, then it is what it is.........Bring it.....

  2. The second American Revolution already happened.

    We lost.


  3. Terry
    Don't believe that, it's only beginning .........

  4. Exactly the opposite of the country I was raised in...As for the police looking like the military....Molon Labe!!

  5. Consider: If you deliberately fail to enforce certain laws, society begins to fray and fall apart. Once enough chaos exists, it's easy to convince a cowed populace that even more laws and central control is necessary to bring order. Think of it as Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" on a national scale:


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