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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Must BE San Francisco?


  1. Obama`s new military unit ," The Queen Beret`s " rumor has it they were recruited from the militant arm of the rainbow coalition . Don`t you know it`s gonna be a bitch getting around in the Syrian / Iranian sandbox in those spike heel combat boot`s and assless leather pant`s.

  2. Shooting myself... now.......................

  3. OK, so which one do you imagine bites the pillow? Or have those Airsoft AKs plumbed the depths in lieu of softer endearments?

    San Francisco is badly in need of a cosmic high colonic. The world doesn't need another Flood, but SF would definitely benefit from a G-d given enema. Maybe a massive tsunami right through the Golden Gate.

  4. Could be Portland, Eugene, Seattle, San Fagcisco, take your pick.

    I do not think these are Wirecutter's relatives, for sure!

  5. No way - everyone in than-fran-thithy-co is ASKEERED of guns!

    Even the airsoft-kind!

  6. Too many hills in San Francisco for those heels.


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