Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Example of Why This Country is SOOOOO Eff'd up...

I found this over at What Bubba Knows. Take your blood pressure meds before you read it.

A Colorado family is fighting to reclaim their home, after two strangers squatting in the house filed for bankruptcy, preventing them from being evicted.
An Arapahoe County judge ruled on July 12 that Dayna and Troy Donovan could return to their home of 13 years, giving the illegal occupants, who had been squatting in the house for nearly eight months, 48 hours to leave the property, CBS4 reported.
But just when their home seemed to be within their grasp, the Donovans learned that one of the squatters, Veronica Fernandez-Beleta had filed for bankruptcy just before the forced eviction was scheduled to take place — halting the Arapahoe County's eviction for the foreseeable future.

SO the squatters can file bankruptcy and file restraining orders against the real owners of the houes????????????????????????????????   R.U. Shitting me???



  1. The Donovan's own the home. The simple solution is to go into their home, shoot the squatters and tell the police they were if fear for their lives, problem solved. They get their house back and we are short two more illegal alien criminals.

  2. Citizens don't need cops. Citizens need Regulators.

  3. Board up the windows, screw the doors closed and torch it. After illegals living it it, would you want it back? Let the insurance folks build you a a new home.

  4. I wouldn't have gone to the police, or should I say after reading this I will not go to the police if in a similar situation. I will however say a little prayer of thanks for Mr. John Moses Browning.


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