Monday, July 30, 2012

Reading Material...FREEHOLD by Michael Williamson

Someone had recommended this awhile ago and I finally got around to starting it last week.

So far so good, I try and get through a few chapters each night. I will be doing a little 

more research on other titles by Michael since I am enjoying Freehold. Have any of 

you read some of his other books?




  1. I've read everything in the Freehold series. I highly recommend them all except Contact With Chaos. It's ok, but nothing you can't skip.

  2. I wanna move there.

    The entire series is good, but the best is Freehold. The rest are good, but not to the same standard.


  3. I'll have to look into this series. When I read the title I remembered Heinlein's 1964 novel, Farnham's Freehold.

    Reading the plot of Freehold, the space travel and tyranny reminded me of L. Neil Smith's Pallas.

    Can't decide if I read too much, or too little, but I'm always looking for something new. Thanks.


  4. Odysseus read The Weapon. Said it was really good.

    Williamson has a couple on Baen's free library. I'd also recommend Kratman's A Desert Called Peace--excellent work, great story telling, thought provoking, deeply rage-inducing, parallel to our current War on a Noun, and something I'm glad I read once, even if I likely won't read it again.

  5. Another Mike Z. fan here. I've read them all.

    Odie is correct about The Weapon, but it's better to read the series in order, they all fall together nicely.

  6. +1 here. The Weapon, Freehold and Rogue are a series with Freehold focused mainly on Pachelli and the other two focused on a character that only makes a brief appearance in Freehold. Better to Beg Forgiveness is in the same universe and general time line but different story line and characters. It has a sequel whose name escapes me now. I've enjoyed all of them that I've read so far.

  7. Read Freehold quite some time ago and working towards the rest...eventually...Does one realize how many free Books a person can get from Baen Free Library? Geeze...I need to read faster...

  8. I've read some of his books, and still have more to read. You can view my reviews of the ones I have read at

  9. The first book in what I call the 'Ripple Creek Security' series, "Better to Beg Forgiveness..." was a delight to read, and I enjoyed the second one, "Do Unto Others" just as much - not just for the story, but for the insights into some of the details of bodyguard and executive protection work.
    For example, did you know that the youngest or least experienced guy on a bodyguard detail is the 'autonomous, single use, biological mine-clearing device, single-use'?
    Or that if your homicidal female bomb technician on the team gets her hands on a nuke, she will almost always find a way to USE it?

    Some good news: the next book in the series, "When Diplomacy Fails..." is coming out in print sometime in August.
    Elke Sykora (the bomb tech): "Perhaps I will like this person... I respect ruthlessness."
    And a sincere thank-you to Michael Z. Williamson, as well


  10. I've read every thing he has written that I could find. Excellent writer. Google Baen Books. You can download most of his books, some for free, but even those which aren't free are a very reasonable price and worth every penny. I have even re-read several of them.

  11. Thanks for all the input and suggestions, Ill check them out!

  12. if your famaliar with james rawles survialblog you may recall mike z wiliamson as his editor at large as well


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