Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Homage To The Aircraft Assembly Line..Manufacturing Victory.

There are some really great pictures and descriptions on this website:

>Manufactured Victory<






  1. Feral,

    Check out The Collings Foundation. Do a web search with your favorite browser / search engine combo and look for "Wings of Freedom Schedule". They are coming soon to Nashua with their B-17G, B-24 and TP-51C Mustang. The 'stang is a two seat trainer, Merlin powered with the razorback canopy -- a rare combination. Check 'em out. Living, breathing, flying history in motion.


  2. An amazing feat of manufacturing, unlikely will we ever see the equal. Think of the impact on machine tool production and manufacturing in general. Hugely impressive.

  3. Ahhh....the Willow Run plant.
    They had so many problems in the beginning, people started call it "Willit Run"!

  4. I live down the street from the remnants of "Willow Run" I love the history here in the area. We've got a local Coffee Shop with the name "B-24's" makes a mean cup of coffee.


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