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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gaster Lumber in Georgia.....


  1. Gotta love Savannah! Posted this in GBC earlier this week and I'm glad to see it making the rounds.

  2. Big Brass ones, I am thinking that the IRS will be visiting him soon. It is a sad state of affairs that disagreeing with the feds incurs their rath

    1. I believe that it is really sad when we will not stand shoulder to shoulder to defend what is ours!!! We are a nation of pussies!!! They push, we retreat, it's that simple.


    2. I agree The sorry americans....

    3. I love how you can take an out of context statement, blow it out of proportion, change the meaning entirely by the time the idiots get a hold of it and then treat it like it is fact. Now *that* is sad!

  3. Sounds like I have a new hardware store when I go back to the farm in South Georgia. It will be an extra 45 minutes out of the way but it looks like it might be worth it...


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