Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Moonbats Sing About "Obama That They Used to Know"

The despondence in their messiah not turning out to be what they thought is actually

quite funny. This is a parody ( although they are serious) done to the  Gotye’s song  "Someone that I used to know"

Found and reposted from CMBLAKE


  1. I just thought that was genius.

  2. The moonbats don't like the new current lies, so they are pleading for the return of the old Obama lies and other bullshit.

    What is so disillusioning to these twits is that reality always works it's way back up to the surface, no matter how hard the leftist fools try to bury it. Obama is now dealing with the reality of his own bullshit and these art's majors who have lost all hope of their jelly donut government job materializing are freaking and looking to the recent past before they realized that it was all bullshit and never was anything more.


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