Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA/PIPA Strike......

I will be on internet strike from 8:00 am to 8:00am  9:20 Weds Thurs to join in the "SOPASTRIKE"

Please enjoy this view of our government at "WORK" 

( I hope my withdrawals don't last too long)


  1. You all didn't think this through very well. Without my free icecream I'll be forced to actually work today. The two weeks worth of (normal) productivity that I get done today will combine with similar results from countless other office drones to catapult the economy back to boom status and convince the government to shut down internet permanently. And then where will you get pictures of cloth-alergic women?

  2. @ Anon.. That is a Great point :)

    Thanks for your insight

  3. Next weeks protest gratuitous "cheesecake" pictures that aught to hit productivity.

  4. I can help you there my friend :)

  5. This is probably the most interesting article I saw today. It's a bit longish for some net denizens but IMO worth the time. Found via the American Digest, which is rising nicely on my regular blog read list. Food for thought in The Meme Wars. Somehow The War on Memes just doesn't sound right.

  6. Thanks Jim, I will read this today.


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