Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Morning...!!!

( thanks to google for this beautiful picture)


  1. Good morning my ass.

    Leaving home this AM, where it will be in the 70's today, heading to Columbus OH, where the expected high is 40.

    Decided to give The Woman a break and took my motorcycle to the airport instead of asking her to drive me, so of course there was a rogue cloudburst in the last 2 miles before I got to the off-airport parking location.

    So I'm soaked to the bone...and all my $#|+ is wet.

    I repeat, good morning, my aching, dying ass.

    (But I hope YOU have a good day. :) )


  2. @TBG...Oh MAN that SUCKS!!!!

    I hope it gets better from that point on Uncle Jay :D

  3. If I woke up, took a look, and saw a view like in that pic, I'd just put my head back on or under the pillow and try to go back to the dream that dreamed that one up.

    Good morning to you too.

    All the best,


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