Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cop or Soldier?

An Interesting Quiz I've seen on some of the other blogs.

Can you tell the diffence?

I consider myself a layman when it comes to this stuff.

You can try "HERE"


  1. Shamefully i admit to the same score as you ...

  2. Notched you two. 18.

    The armored personnel carrier was too obvious.

  3. @ JohnnyReb.. its wasn't that easy.There were a few that were questionable.

    @Brian..Nice Job!

    @Swass... Still not bad :)

  4. Btw pissed...I love the new "logo." Can I haz one please?

  5. @Brian.. Thanks :).. she would help keep the shitbags at bay huh? :)

  6. 18. Point of order. Douchenozzle with the MP-5 and his finger in the trigger well? May be military, but poor form.

    The guy in the armored vehicle with the M60 and the anti-tank weapon? Not a cop.

  7. Well I was 16 for 21. Some were obvious. Especially Pic 18(I think). The look in that young mans eyes was not a cop look. He was deep in thought.

  8. 19/21 : )
    Mistakenly pegged the masked marauder with the MP5 as a cop (looks like one to me), and also missed 11. Thought they were soldiers at first, but I should have recognized the cop smirk.


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