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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Okay, since I have been striking today against the SOPA bill  I actually decided to get

something done at work.  Rather than spending countless hours posting mundane

useless crap I went out on the road to make deliveries and keep my customers happy.

At 2:00pm this afternoon I was on the passenger side of a water delivery truck when

he decided he wanted to make take a right up a side street. He did a good job of the PIT

maneuver catching the left rear of my drivers side with his right front bumper.

It swerved me to the  left and the momentum carried me across the other lane 

where I landed against a curb on the shoulder . I will say that I am lucky no one

was coming in the opposite direction, it would have been a lot worse.

  The Police showed up and did their report and "Triple A" changed my tire.

We noticed that that rear axle had shifted back and the spring was damaged.  

   So far the damage that we can tell is a flattened quarter panel,

destroyed tire and rim, bent axle shaft broken leaf spring but luckily no dirty undies ;)

This picture doesnt quite show how flat the side is, and if you look closely there is a

huge gash on the top sidewall of the tire ( 5000 miles old).

So I am filling out forms and getting ready to take it to the shop and let the

insurance companies fight it out.  What will be amazing to see is the outcome.

I have been driving since 1978 and have never had an accident.

I pay my insurance bill every month.  This should get interesting.


  1. That's gonna be expensive. I did something similar once, without the suspension and axle damage, and the bill was about $3k. Just glad somebody else gets to take that hit.

  2. First let me say I'm glad that you wasn't hurt and it sounds like it's the other guys fault.


  3. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)January 18, 2012 at 10:49 PM

    Whew! Glad you are O.K.
    I would really, really miss you if you were out of commission for a while!

  4. Similar experience, they totaled our car.
    If the insurance folks total your vehicle, prepared to get screwed.
    Not a whole bunch, maybe $800 or $1500, but you’ll get screwed.

    I thought since I had paid insurance premiums for 20 years that the company was going to be my advocate when discussing the replacement value of our vehicle with the other driver’s insurance company.
    I was sadly mistaken. They appeared to work well together as a team.

    Grab your ankles big boy, bubba is comin’ home.


    I think it is a noble cause


  6. @ Lokidude.. I'll have to do a follow up when the dust settles.

    @ Stopsign..It was a few tense moments for sure. I caved in after a cold beer ;)

    @Phyllis..Thanks!! I'll try not to let you down.

    @cato.. I know it's all a load of BS when it comes to this type of situation. I'm taking it to the Chevy dealer and demanding original parts.. We'll see.. :(

    @ Paul..Thanks! sfsg.

    @BC..I'll check it out thanks!

  7. Glad you are OK! It could have been much worse.

    On the upside though, with the limited snowfall you guys have had the body shop should get you fixed up in no time...

  8. Hate to hear that but glad you're ok. Could have been a lot worse. And yeah, good luck with the insurance companies. Their job is to make money, helping you settle your claim is secondary.

  9. Did they catch the bastard?

    Sucks, but when you're riding somebody Else's dime its not that bad.

    I had a simialr situation where they didn't make contact and I served to avoid contact and slashed my side-wall on the curb.

    Thankfully the rim was fine.

  10. Shoot, the ol' Z71 Feral Irishman Chevy Silverado was handlin' pretty good today and we thought we had a top 10 truck, but the Poland Spring guys, they had something else in mind... I don't know what they were thinkin'... we was racing 'em real hard and then they had to go get me sideways. I'll tell y'all this, I won't forget this, we'll just see what happens next week.

    J/K, dude, that really sucks and I am so glad to hear you are OK and no one was coming in the other direction. Hopefully the process will be relatively painless for you.

  11. @ Billybob.. Thanks :) not much snow is sight so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    @datruth36.. Thanks, I hear ya about the insurance companies.

    @ Weer'd.. he stopped and the police came to take the report. I am waiting for the adjuster at this point.

    @ Coop...LMAO!! I'll keep everone posted. By the way, do you know which comedian did the skit about the
    Nascar announcer listting off all the advertisers? I thought it was Engvall or Foxworthy but I couldn't find it :(

  12. Glad you're alright! Yeah, that'll be spendy. They'll probably total it.

  13. Thank you Jennifer :)

    Next week I'll report in.

  14. If you can keep the rim on the curb it should be drivable. Glad you are good to go.

  15. Ok for me over $6000. for a pedestrian who ran into the side of my car on the onramp to a freeway. I swerved into guardrail to avoid running her over after she hide the side and bounced up on the hood and fell forward to the ground. Hood needed replaced too.
    Not my fault. Police agreed.

  16. @ Border Collie.. I'm still waiting for the appraisal!


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