Monday, November 14, 2011

Note To Self...

This will take a little bit to get to the point..

I had to deliver parts tonight to the manager of the shop I do work for.

When I got there he invited me in for a beer ( like I would say "no") . We sat for a bit shooting

the bull and talking shop. His cat was there and had a neat clip job. I guess it was a long hair that 

had gotten all matted, so they gave it the "Lion " cut which I thought was neat:

I left there and stopped by my parents for 15-20 minutes to say hi, then left to get sushi:

Oh boy I sure enjoyed this:

As I drove away I cursed myself yet again.. you see, a couple of days ago I put a half dozen golf balls in the passenger door map pocket of my truck. They have been rolling back an forth at every acceleration  and deceleration and were getting on my nerves until I would tune them out..

Needless to say tomorrow morning they are definitely getting taken out unless I forget.....


  1. Back when I was in my early 20s a friend with kids drove a car that the kids had put marbles in EVERYWHERE. It was a beater and the kids were quite aggressive about jamming marbles into the cracks between plastic panels, tears in the seats, and up into the dashboard.

    Every time we drove on a bumpy road the percussive cacophony made me burst out laughing. Hailstorms made less noise.

  2. Golf balls, marbles - so funny.

    North, at least the noise could be blamed on the marbles. It's really bad when you know there are no marbles - it is actually the vehicle making that noise.

    Still not quite as bad as a cat knocking marbles down a flight of wooden stairs at 3 am, then fetching them back up and meowing with her mouth full.

  3. Seriously, I am completely craving sushi. Nom-nom-nom.

    My cat has had several lion cuts.

    I promise that I am heterosexual.

  4. @North.. I can only imagine what that must have sounded like. The golfballs make enough racket in the plastic trough of the door.. :)

    @ Mrs. S.. thanks for stopping by :)
    marbles down hardwood stairs.. the cat was probably thinking .. "What can I do to wake them up?" lol

    @ Good morning IMA, I hope you get your sushi fix. I enjoy cats (and dogs) and Im pretty sure I'm heterosexual as well ;)

  5. Bet you forgot to take the damn golf balls out.

  6. This reminds me of when my son was little (about 4 yrs old then) he put gravel in my hub caps.

    That noise drove me crazy.

  7. I remembered to take them out :)


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