Friday, November 18, 2011

The Planet Gets a Little Smaller, Thanks to The Webz.....

 I received this email earlier today and was amazed at how far reaching the blogosphere is. I responded to them that I don't own the rights to the picture but i would love to see pictures and info about a "hillbilly-Redneck" party in austria. I wished them well and asks if they would send pictures to that I may blog about it.
IT will be interesting, to say the least, if they respond.

Dear Gentlemen,

WE are the hosts of a (private) big party in a mountain hut in Austria (Europe). The party's Motto is "Hillbilly's & REdnecks" and so we found your Blogspot-Entry from September 13th this year, with the phenomenal picture of the bearded, piped, armed hillbilly. Do you have a bigger version of that picture, that we can use for our invitation-prints? AS mentioned it's only a PRIVATE PARTY, so you don't have to be concerned about any picture rights.

if you don't have access to a bigger version of this picture, can you tell us where you originally got the picture from.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Yours sincerely,
( I took out the names)
Here is the picture they found:

has anyone seen a better version?


  1. I am doing a party called Nazis and war criminals in the hills of Arkansas.

    If they will send me some pictures of their relatives, I will trade for a better hillbilly picture.


    Bill Clinton

  2. I did a reverse search on the image and found twelve total pictures, the largest being 170x236. That one is here. I blew it up to 493x686, and that's available here.

  3. Looks like it could be a picture of one of my old Arkansas relatives...


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