Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On Asking a Monkey to Dance......

Okay, this is a kinda of a roundabout way to get to a point, and tie in

some good posts and thoughts from others that I have read.

One of my commenters "JOHN" did a post about "ROGER WATERS"

and Water's comments on the OWS movement. 

I agree whole-heartedly with John as far as Roger's logic doesn't work.

Look,  I understand that people get fired up about their politics and beliefs in how things should be,

but I want to go to a concert or watch a TV show or go to the movies to be entertained.

When one of the moonbats making millions of dollars opens their mouths about how "I" should

be, I basically give them the middle finger. 

As I have stated before, there are much better writers on the blogs than I
and the following is a good example:

Somehow, I happened upon an older post over at "INJENNIFERSHEAD"  entitled 

"DANCE, MONKEY!"  . This post is succinct and she does a GREAT job of spelling out

the same feelings that I have about the moonbat entertainers and their political leanings.

Another blogger goes after their income:

Bubba, over at "WhatBubbaKnows" takes on an approach that hits them in their pocket books.

He will write posts entitled "DON'T FEED THE MOONBATS"  which basically points

out the hollywood moonbats that he boycotts, which is sadly ALOT of them.

Its too early to be thinking this much

I'm goin for my walk :)

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  1. @Pissed,

    Since you liked Misery Bear, you NEED to find Ernie Cline's slam poem called "Dance Monkeys Dance !!" I think Ernie Cline is the author.

    - Brad


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