Thursday, November 17, 2011

ZOMG..We Are All Gonna Die.....

Not only did researchers confirm the accuracy of historical temperature records across the globe, it reinforced its anthropogenic origin. And, to further highlight their findings, BEST researchers compiled thousands of data sets on temperature anomalies over the course of two centuries into.... alarming video of a warming world.

Quite frankly, if It's gonna heat up... I hope it's like this......


  1. Dr. Robinson (Dixie's Homeschooler) Myth Of Global Warming
    More than 31,000 American scientists have signed the following petition which Dr. Art Robinson initiated. His Power Point Presentation below compares their findings against the opposition, and lists the names of the scientists who signed.

  2. I'm all for the global warming. I hate to be cold.
    And if it turns out like the video...

  3. I'm investing in ice futures and ice machines. Looks like it's going to be better than wheelbarrows full of money in the future.


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