Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Year Blogiversary Today..

 This post will stay at the top until 2:58 pm. More posts will fill in under it.

I set up "The Feral Irishman" after being motivated by my blogfather "Jay G" 

over at MArooned. After lurking at his blog I started to send him some of the stories

that would raise my blood pressure. He writes better than I do and we share the 

same thoughts about politics and driving with idiots ;) THANKS JAY!

 The first "POST"  went up a year ago at 2:58 pm on November 16th.

I used to send my friends emails with stupid pictures, hot chicks and my political rants.

I would surf across the blogs and read the postings of people who shared that same opinions

and thoughts that I did.  As time went by and I ventured more and more into the blogosphere

and there was no turning back.  The blogs that I read daily are an excellent smorgasbord of

entertainment, funny laugh out loud posts,  news, randomness and personal feelings

that you all share.

I have definitely learned and laughed and cringed at what I have read.

I hope that some of you have done the same when you come by here to visit.

I set a goal to hit 1500 posts on my  blogiversary today and I will make it. 

More Posts will be filling in under this one so check back :)

I know I have been randomly putting up some quick posts 

to get to that number but it was a goal I set.

I have 57 people that have joined here, THANK YOU. 

I have had over 150,000 views from around the world  THANK YOU!

 Even  the government has stopped by a few times. THANK YOU!

I have had many great comments and emails from many of you THANK YOU!

"The Feral Irishman"

Maybe I'll get a cake later:


  1. Congrats!!! YTB!!!

  2. Congratulations! That's quite a post count feat. Looking forward to the next 1,500!

  3. Congratulations, my friend and well done. Can't tell you the number of times you've made me smile, which isn't easy in these days and times...thank you.

  4. Well Done!
    I really enjoy your views and random finds... keep up the good work!

  5. I'll share the cake...

    Posted this over at the GBBL!

  6. Congrats! I love your blog, it's great and keep up the good work!

  7. You rock! Happy blogiversary! I always get a giggle when I visit you and some of your hot chicks with guns inspire book ideas lol.

  8. W00t!
    Happy Blogiversary to one of my daily reads.

  9. I see you going GREAT GUNS! I am a daily visitor now when I can. You gitn' er done for a It took me two years to reach almost 1500.

  10. Congratulations, dear!!

    The cake looks delish ;)

  11. Big congratulations to you and your prolificness!

  12. Wow, 1500 posts in a year. I'm at about 11 months and I only have 70. Guess I better step it up!

  13. WOOT! I be crackin' a cold one fer ya laddie! Slainte!

  14. Running late tonight!
    Glad I didn't miss your Party.

    Congrats~ I had a feeling you would meet your goal.

  15. Well, you're getting around three times the traffic I was getting when I'd been blogging a year.

    Nicely done.

  16. You Sir are a daily read, well..ok usualy multiple times a day, Yours and most of your blog list.
    I do not often comment, or post, one of the reasons my blog died a quiet death in obscurity. But i do like and attend to your blog.

    If I do write something as a guest post i will share it with you and Wirecutter.

    Thank you and congrats on a 1yr blogiversary!

  17. Congratulations! Hard to believe it was a year ago I typed, "When is that asshat gonna start his blog? I keep checking and checking and there's nothing there!?!"

    Little did I know what was coming!

    You are a multi-daily read and never disappoint. I am looking forward to another 1500........

  18. Awesome, my friend. Well done! Many more!


    I appreciate the time you took to comment and let me know that you enjoy my blog


    aka.. PISSED

  20. I wouldn't mind a little taste of that cake :)

    Happy Blogoversary!


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