Sunday, May 19, 2024

This is good....









  1. that was great.

  2. The less information and publicity that the other 928 "genders" get, the sooner we may be able to forget that there ever was disgusting sexual dystopia.

  3. Yep,,that Is the way it Is..
    Naaah,, Clinton and that
    Depends on what your definition of is is
    Is not messing that up.
    He probably wasn't that twisted until he had to survive in the same house as that witch Hillary.

  4. Sorry to piggyback but please tell Phil we love him for helping out his neighbor. And why oh why does cedreq insist on no anonymous comments. Really Really miss the old Phil Blog.

    1. I allow them, just barely. Sucks doesn't it that it isn't Phil's old blog... This is the new blog. I have been doing it over three years and you are just catching on?

    2. Dear Anonymous, since this is Irish's place I don't want to muck things up over here but I want you to know that I appreciate you reading my stuff and that you are more than welcome to post Anonymously.
      Just use a gibberish Email address like @
      Either that or pick a throw away name and post with that.
      Our aim is to keep the trolls away, just exactly why Irish moderates the comments here.
      Thanks again and thank you Irish for bringing this to my attention.

  5. Nice way to start a Monday with a smile. - Nemo

  6. "Call it"


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