Wednesday, May 22, 2024

More Barbara For Your Lunch Time Matinee....

 via Firehand  

He wrote:

"ref Barbara Eden:

There's an old movie called '7 Faces of Dr. Lao' in which she was the town librarian.  I was a kid when saw it, and the scene where she meets Pan... well, I didn't really understand the girl thing yet, but that made a definite impression."







  1. Her breasts were moist and heaving as her nipples strained against her satin blouse.

  2. A unique movie also starring Tony Randall as the strange Dr. Lao. One of Barbara's first movies, when she was still in her 20's.

    Trivia: Barbara was into her 30's when she landed the role of Jeannie, but certainly looked much younger...

  3. 12 /29/63 Barbara Eden was the opening act for Bob Hope My wife Nancy and I married that afternoon in the Little Wedding Chapel on the Strip in Las Vegas, with my parents and sister were in the front row. She came down off the stage and sat down on my lap and asked our name and if it was a special occasion. I, of course said that it was our wedding night, so she invited everyone in the audience to a party in our room. Naturally, I have never forgotten that night for either reason.

  4. I can understand the "definite impression". Thanks for sharing Firehand.

  5. Damn, she was young there. Never saw this movie before. Thanks Irish and Firehand. - Nemo

  6. I’m convinced that her cricket really needed flicking.

  7. Saw her picture yesterday, 92 years old now.


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