Tuesday, April 23, 2024

From The Front Lines



  1. #25, it is progress, THEIR progress... progressing us to a future of slavery to the government. Can we all get together and sue the president? Not a class action, an AMERICAN action lawsuit. When will the real military shut this all down?

  2. #23 ATF Form 4473, line 4 and 12c is what prevents an illegal alien from legally owning a gun.

  3. Don’t get #16? If it’s the Nam, fo’ real, they be too close together. One well placed mortar round and phoof, they be casualties instantly. Hollyweird selling tripe to the gullible American public.

  4. #16 is cover art from tropic thunder.

  5. Cannot agree w the Pelosi/Johnson meme. The latter is head and shoulders better, walking a pretty mean political tightrope to save Republicans' political butt.

    1. Whatever his faults, I tend to agree.

  6. With all respect to James Woods,

    No, soopergenius, it doesn't work that way.
    The House is permanently capped at 435 seats, divided 50 ways.
    Seats can be shuffled around, but nobody "gets" another seat for X number of illegals.
    Otherwise CA and Texas would have 96 congressweasels apiece by now.
    Over decades, you can pull a few votes from the Rust Belt, and plop them in CA, TX, and FL, but that's as much or more due to people leaving the snow and moving to the sunshine, not illegal immigration.

    What getting another 770K illegals into the country does do is squander another $31B dollars no one - local, state, or federal - has to spend, because the net cost @ for each illegal is something around $40K/yr, forever. That's before they start plopping out anchor babies, and driving school grades and test scores into the toilet, and perpetuating the poverty class endlessly, and before we talk about crime and punishment costs for police, courts, and prisons, or jacking up healthcare costs by importing diseases we'd formerly eradicated here, and clogging hospitals, without paying their bills.

    Talk about that, and stick to what you know, or can prove.

    Making up pseudo-facts is just embarrassing.

    1. There are over 50 million illegal alien invaders in the USA now. The census counts them just the same as if they were citizens. Then House seats are apportioned accordingly. Do. The. Math.

    2. Yes, and apportions the same 435 seats, as they've done since 1929, voted in by a Republican majority in both houses of Congress and signed by President Hoover.

      There is no magical number of illegals that suddenly switches a seat, because the whole is in play 24/7/365, and the entire population is the size of the pool. Dropping 770K into Wyoming might pry a seat loose from a state already hemorrhaging population.

      Dropping another 770K into CA or TX would be farting in a hurricane.

      Woods' idea of how it works is juvenile and incorrect, and he would be better served and less embarrassed if he stuck to things he understands. He's wicked smart and funny when he's on point. Congressional apportionment is clearly not one of those times.

      The reality is that the illegals move into all 50 states, at roughly the same percentages as citizens. More in the populous states, and less in Alaska or Wyoming. Just like with citizens. So apportionment rarely changes much due to them, if at all.

      The bigger issue is that they're here at all, and how much each one costs us every single year.
      Not how they may or may not affect the decennial congressional apportionment, which is merely about rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.


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