Thursday, February 22, 2024

It Appears Nothing Will Happen...


  I'm on a texting thread with some friends and sometimes we share the outrageous stories that 

are in the current news cycle. Stuff , obviously, that we are all mostly aware of. As always,

It's usually a "wtf" moment or "when is something going to be done?" type response.

The list is long as we, this TFI community, is aware.

 In the past, I have posted this poster, below, from the defunct Taxicab Depressions

Remember, as you read the poster for the first or the 10th time, it was created in 2018.

I wonder what ever happened to Taxi Hack? He was going to write a book and was taking donations.

Did anyone ever keep up on what went on with that? 

Over the past , I sent a few emails, no response.


Maybe, you guys/girls, can add to the list of items that have gone on over the past 6 years where

"Nothing Has Happened". It will make for a good updated post to enumerate them.

On a side note ( If you never read his post "The Pig Trap" it's a must read.. HERE)

Have a great day out for your assignment....




  1. And this is the sort of thing that keeps me awake at night, after I've spent the obligatory time sifting through every bad decision and second-guessing every choice I've made in the past twenty years...
    The answer to this musical question of 'What happens if nothing happens?' seems to be, if one is being brutally honest and realistic:
    - The current thing will become the rest of our lives
    -There will be no uprising, just a million sad, unregarded personal and individual Thermopylaes in basements, on front lawns, or at the front door
    -There will be illegal invaders living in your house, with you & your family
    -They will take the guns away, come hell or high water, with or without your consent
    -Your family might have to face starvation, or enter the camps
    -The neighbourhoods will begin to get quieter, as the ADE really takes hold
    -Elections will no longer be needed
    -Surveillance will become overt and overwhelmingly total; remember TIA?
    -If you are not vaxxed, you will be, or you will be excluded (Rev 13)
    -Life will be brutish, nasty, and a lot shorter

    I am sure I have overlooked really neat aspects of this scenario, but these are the high points uppermost in my forebrain at the moment. This is where we are headed, on both sides of the 49th. On the north side, we're already in the late stages, because here, we never had any rights. Rights can't be abrogated, even with a really good reason, so instead we have the Charter of Duties & Privileges...
    We are burning daylight, to be sure.
    Mike in Canada

  2. Starting now we should begin posing a realistic threat. We should be doxing the democrat party apparatchik, publishing their names, addresses, phone numbers, personal email addresses, the same info for their spouses, partners, adult children, even their parents. We will be walked on until we become scary as hell. We need to be as concerning as they now claim we are. I want these treasonous bastards the think twice, three-times or more before they start the cheat. I want them afraid to appear in public. Violence? That would depend on them.

    1. Start recording the addresses of houses and buildings that have blm signs, posters etc, and those we love every one including illegals, send those addresses to the ngo's financing this idiocy, and tell them that those residences are willing to house folks. Make popcorn

  3. Doxxing don't do much. They have no shame.
    But the list of democrat part folks that need attention is a long one. When adding family to the list it gets really long.
    That list will come in handy when things get sporty.
    Local, local, local

    1. Doxing isn’t about shaming, it’s about making them reachable and, therefore, vulnerable. If they KNOW that destruction can knock on their door, day or night, they will become cautious.

    2. Just ask Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

    3. Anonymous February 22, 2024 at 8:44 AM

      > If they KNOW that destruction can knock on their door, day or night, they will become cautious.

      "Past results are no guarantee of future returns."

      Not even "an indicator". Pinkie swear.

    4. Names and addresses are not for socializing nor greeting these scum. FAFO.

  4. Since the press ceased to become impartial and curious, since the DOJ has failed to do it's duty, the opposition is growing ever bolder. THe fact that Hillary Clinton committed crimes bordering on treason and which exposed classified data to the world knowingly but was not prosecuted, etc. is telling us that they don't care that we can see the partisanship. and they feel that they don't have to play by the rules anymore.

    1. There never were "partisans". By design.

      And "rules" subject to change (with, or without, notice) never require "playing by". By design.

    2. If THEY don't have to play by the rules anymore, then why should we?...

  5. It's to the point where one must prepare to defend. Do you have a breach proof steel door and frame? Do you have thick plastic windows so that flash/bangs just bounce off? Do you have feral hog hunting optics, i.e., IR and thermal? Do you have tools that can cover your fields of fire to 1500 yards or more? Empty the bag of tricks.

  6. IRC he quit the taxi life and started to write in a small shed in his back yard that he fixed up. His wife got a job and he was able to devote time to the writing. He was very good if you have read any of the "Depressions." But as they say "Tomorrow is not guaranteed to any man." The last entry was by his spouse saying that he was gone, gone. Caught, got, afflicted with something and poof you've joined the choir invisible. A tragic loss, as they say in the nautical world, "small boat, big wake."


    1. Damn, I hope he gets to sit and have a chat with Ol' Remus.
      Thanks for the update.

  7. We all fall into the trap been very carefully scientifically set for us. Its 110% designed so what is trying to destroy us is too nebulous to figure out who our mortal enemy is, and its designed also to cause us not to see that. Very tricky highly thought out tac-strat. Because what it is operating aling the fringes of the shadows truly fears the kind of Men who this is designed to thwart.
    Keep your head about you. Do not fall for despair its designed to create in us. No matter what. Think positive, truly, it really matters, never say die, never ever. And plan for the worst they can do to us, that way when the enemy falls short we win more easily. Last, two things, and this is the crux of it, the rral weapons we got is the one between the ears, our Rifles are just instruments, they count big time regardless, particularly and peculiarly when we refrain from discharging them at our enemy, it really counts, and it causes our enemy to fear us even more so, and this causes our enemy to make mistakes. It sounds counterintuitive, yet refraining from violent uprising while being armed to the fucking teeth, it mind jobs the assholes, and they are themselves their own worst enemy, they are incompetent in a variety of ways, they also keep doing the same things repeatedly over and over thinking well this time we get different results, its part and parcel of what the enemy is who they are, you got to think like them to understand them so fighting them is more successful. Remember they got to use the mind job on us, while making an example of a few. They do not have the numbers as we do, think of it, we are legion, really truly, 100 million armed to the fucking teeth Americans, no matter what, is no joke, and its when we become a plurality of people, no need to all agree on things, we only require solidarity, we become A Legion. Then its almost impossible to beat us.
    The last thing the enemy wants us understanding.

  8. Do you want things to change for the better? Really? Are you serious about it? If so then ready my 7-part comment in the "Perspective" post from last week. That's how you get things to change for the better.


  9. and nothing will happen until the average man begins to build the platform designed by M. Guillotin in his backyard.

  10. Thanks for the links. Checked out Taxicab Depressions and will go back. Starting reading "Pig Trap" and couldn't stop. Read it to the end. It's an imperial overview of the mess out country is in. Sadly, the only things that as changed in the decade since it was written are the names of the players and the level of lunacy at which they believe it is OK to function.

    The necessity for putting light standards to an alternate use is more grave than ever.

  11. I read all of his poasts(sp intentional) and thoroughly enjoyed every one. Don't remember where I first came across him. It might have been Sipsey Street Irregulars or it might have been The Woodpile Report, two great blogs whose owners have passed.

    Nice to see that here, Busted Knuckles and several others have taken up some of the slack.

    I'll re-read the two referenced articles later.


    1. Phil and me may soon disappear or pass on. I wish I had the down home writing style of Ol' Remus, hell even Phil and certainly Taxi had a way with words.


      I on occasion go back and re read still. The bar graph just below the top is where you navigate

  12. I believe a great deal has happened in all these cases. Why aren't we seeing it is the question that needs answering.

    How many sealed indictments were generated by Trump's DOJ? How many still remain? Why doesn't the National Archives (I think that's the agency) have notarized Oaths of Office for biden and his entire cabinet, on file?

    All is not as it appears to us today. Why? Perhaps to prevent out of control rioting, retribution and revenge from breaking out in the streets. A new Civil War which we woild never recover from.

    I believe constitutionally legal action has been and is still being taken against the traitors and criminals. And until the majority of Americans, 90% or greater, have a seen the evidence and recognize the crime, this "movie" we are watching will continue. Will crimes continue? Good people suffer and perhaps die? Yes, but it is inevitable. How many would suffer/die in a civil war? So the greatest good for the majority of the population.

    Hasn't that been toughest decision all great leaders have had to reconcile?

  13. Ok, when you say "nothing will happen " you must qualify that statement. If you are expecting some authority to swoop in and arrest the wrong doers and we all live happily ever after, well that is not going to happen.
    The mistake is thinking that only "authority" can do something about what is happening. All of us can do something. It doesn't have to be violent in fact better it is not unless of course we're threatened with violence, then you hand it back tenfold.

    There is a lesson here from the Soviet Union. The USSR was all powerful. It spied on everyone. People disappeared in the middle of the night. Others rotted in the extensive network of gulag.
    The soviet state was unbeatable until it wasn't. It wasn't taken down by force. It collapsed under the weight of its own corruption.

    This will happen here too. ThenUS Fedorov is a walking zombie just waiting to get hit in the head and sooner or later someone will or it will just start seeing its body parts rot off.

    We can hasten that merely with inaction. The New York boycott is a great start but it needs to expand. Not all of us are in a position to participate but many are. It could be as simple as pulling our deposits from.NY based banks and use local credit unions instead.

    Move your IRAQ out of NY based investment houses and tell them why

    Stop donating to any charity that funds or supports the invasion like Catholic Charities, I have stopped all my donations. You shouldn't have been giving anything the Red Cross already but if you still do, stop immediately.

    The invaders will sooner or later mobilize. Which is the reason they are here. That might entail violence. Dish it out as necessary.

    If your state allows ballot drop boxes, get together a team to watch them. Take pictures and engage the traffickers. Don't get violent but make the cost higher than the benefit for the mules. Drive the cost per ballot from $5 to $50.

    Get license plate numbers, file complaints. Follow up on them.

    We are not powerless here. Stop waiting for "them" to take action. They won't. Stop thinking "they " have to do something. Its in our hands now. We owe it to our grandchildren.

    1. Damn I hate stupid auto correct. Please pardon the typos

    2. I suppose you missed the Michael Yon exposes about the Red Cross providing red cross marked blankets and backpacks of supplies to the illegal immigrants?

    3. "It could be as simple as pulling our deposits from NY based banks and use local credit unions instead."

      This is great idea. I have already done that this past January. My reason is because I'm getting more than a little nauseous with regional and national banks using our deposits for things we don't agree with.

      You can also include banks that are subscribing to this woke DEI boolshit or supplying investment loans for "climate change" actions or products and companies that are supplying or building solar farms and windmill farms.

      The best part is that there's not much the banks can do about it. Sure they can drop one of those "suspicious transaction" memo's to the IRS or whatever body they do that with. But, like with Hunter Bribem, those won't go anywhere and if it results in confiscation or freezing of your account, well ...


    4. I moved $250k from. Chase to Navy Federal in less than 48 hours from initiation. That was a month ago. So far nothing has come up but non stop calls from Chase asking why. I answered the last one, I asked him if he really needed to ask. I got a no-$h1t sigh.

    5. Red Cross has always been thus. My dad was in Oflag 64 in Szubin Poland, POW, 1944. Red Cross sent them ice skates. They were starving. He lost 60lbs.

  14. Taxicab was the bomb. It probably caused his PTSD causing him to bow out. Human depravity is like that. People must disconnect from our current bread and circuses to survive lest they go the same way.

    I am not saying don’t be informed because we are told to do that to discern what is right and good in this world

  15. ps when the time comes something will happen I am sure of that so be prepared

  16. What if "nothing" is the best choice? Not the best "option", but the best "it's here, it can be chosen" "choice"?

    How we got here, is WHY we are here. Those that will stand (well, I know, throw their wallets) in the way of any option that imperils their "I got mine"... That might require holding forth that they paid to be lied to... Which will require... OH NOES!... A "learning experience". Literally, starting again, competing with those whipper snappers that didn't "Do the work(TM)"... "Supporting" (by being paid) "The Glorious System, that put. us. here."... that *I* did. They will not allow a different path. Though they will allow you to pay for them to ride the same coaster, again.

    When everybody agrees (finally! because nobody can longer, credibly, deny) "We've bottomed out", will there be more "real" left, if we burn out the underbrush that shields The Tree of Liberty? Now? Or if we let it all die? Fat. Happy. Raping (and cannibalizing -- not, necessarily, in that order) our children?

  17. And Capitol Police weaponizes, for DC private protection.

  18. I've never encountered so many people willing to spend all their time tilting at windmills. Most of this is just nonsense with no basis in fact. From the "stolen" election and the rest of the usual suspects.

    Life is fine out here, yall should get out of the trailer more often haha.

    1. Hey, the 2000 election was stolen, the 2016 election was stolen, Democrats always cry theft, but it's the end of the world if someone else just points out possible malfeasance, or just irregular happenings. There's trouble in this land, open the eyes. How many subpoenaed documents and devices that get destroyed or misplaced by our agencies and politicians, left and right, will it take before you start to see a pattern? Play nice now.

  19. The geo-political is the surface of what's far bigger, an attempt to get people to engage.

    The danger is their staying there. If it's what you're comfortable with, are adapting to, and thinking and speaking as if it will continue, then it will. It's a human attribute.

    Then there's the woo-woo, the "conspiracy" zone that's worse than being called "racist," that ego, business model, and pride keeps many away from.

    It's a spiritual battle. The Earth is ascending, and billions worldwide know this. Where the Cabal is failing, life is normal, but MSM won't tell you that. You have to get a clue, and dig below the surface.

    Not religion, not politics, not government.

    A dimensional shift. You can get stuck. Left behind, if you prefer what we've got. If you don't, stop affirming it. Live as if the ideal exists, but prepare for the ugly transition.

    And it will be ugly.

    There's two sides: what is, and what's coming. You must choose. Your expectations are energy. You'll get what you feed.

    Sow seeds of a bright, spiritual future. You already know how to get more of the same. They've designed it that way.

    Either you're aware of the programming, or it worked.

  20. And you can add another few dozen indiscretions to the list.

  21. If you want to see something happen, make sure it's a Republican/MAGA (not RINO) that's "guilty"

  22. Don't storm the capital and everything will be fine!

  23. What happened was not an attempted coup. It was a SUCCESSFUL coup. And now that they have succeeded in acquiring power they have zero intentions of ever relinquishing it. The left will do quite literally anything necessary to maintain and expand their power. Even starting a nuclear war is possible. They'd rather rule over the ashes then give up power.

    1. I believe what was said is that 2016 was an attempted coup. 2020 was successful.

  24. Isn't it amazing how many pigs there are. Don't forget to live your life. Don't be a pig.

  25. Thing is, now everybody's ox is being gored. That's what will make the difference. Remember, it was 5 years between the Boston Massacre and Lexington and Concord.

  26. Failing to make a decision is decision.
    Something is always done even if nothing is done.
    If you don't make a decision one will be made for you.

    Just that simple.

  27. We HAVE witnessed what happens when no one is held accountable, especially after the 2016 elections' shenanigans i.e.:
    1) the deep state did everything it could to scuttle any plans they did not agree with, w/Trump .... then
    2) "release the Covid Kraken" and start killing off the old and infirm and spread weaponized FEAR so....then
    3) jack up your own citizens with an experimental gene therapy to maim and kill more citizens..... then
    4) outright steal the 2020 election as everyone watched it happen....then
    5) open the boarder to hordes of God knows who to create more mayhem and MORE death of citizens at the hands of foreigners
    I await the next Act but I'm sure it will include MORE death of Americans!
    just a brief summary of what many others and I have witnessed recently. As the substack 2nd Smartest guy says
    "They want you dead". I believe he may be right.

  28. Bet the feds are reading this with interest


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