Saturday, February 24, 2024

Divide and Conquer...


How They Divide and Conquer

In a world where unity holds immense power, their strategy is simple yet effective: divide and conquer.

by Author Unknown,


The best way to gain control of the most intelligent, powerful species on the planet would be to completely divide them from the love within themselves.

As soon as they are old enough to begin creating an understanding of who they are, force them into a system that teaches them that it is wrong to be yourself, if yourself is different from what is accepted as normal.

Confuse them about their own biological makeup so that they think that permanently altering their body is the answer to happiness.

Require their daily attendance at an institution that makes them focus only on the information that is provided.

Make them attend that institution from age 5 until an adult and repeatedly test them on the information so that it becomes their truth.

Give them an explanation to everything so that they never have a chance to make their own assumptions of the world.

Scold them and humiliate them if they suggest an opinion that opposes that of their authorities.

Keep reminding them of how cruel their ancestors were to each other in the past and broadcast how cruel they are to each other in the present only.

Show them tragedies on the news so that they live in fear and think the worst of one another.

Convince them that their species used to be that of an incognizant wild animal.

Make them think their very existence is so incredibly random that they lack purpose and struggle to make sense of a creator.

Tell them that their kind is as smart as they’ve ever been so that they don’t question the integrity of the system that they’re in.

Provide them idols with artificial beauty and use them as examples of what it is to look perfect, so that they are never content with their own appearance and can’t help but to compare themselves amongst each other.

Create addictive digital platforms that rank them by numbers so that they base their self worth off of the amount of followers that they have and are never satisfied.

Build a society around them in which those who have money benefit and those who don’t fail.

Make money their main focus, but make it so difficult to accumulate that they remain in a place of constant struggle, forced to dedicate the majority of their time to the system that made it this way.

Tax them in every way possible, but tell them that it’s for their own benefit so that they don’t think twice about paying it.

Take so much of their time and energy throughout the week, but give them 2 days to themselves so they feel a sense of award and don’t fight back.

Promote the consumption of poison in every social setting so that even on those 2 days they remain disconnected from themselves and each other.

Pump their food with excess sugars and addictive chemicals, but make it cheap, advertise and easily accessible so that they never stop consuming.

When their food makes them ill prescribe them medication that only masks the symptom so that they become dependent on it every day.

Charge them so much money for healthcare so that they stay in a constant loop of consuming, medicating and working.

Cause chaos amongst them and blame it on a group of their own so that they form judgmental stereotypes, turn them against each other in so many ways so that even if they were to connect on one, they would still be divided by another.

Create conflicts among different cultures by using their differences to make them fight against each other.

Encourage people to strongly support one side and oppose the other in politics, making it hard for them to find common ground.

Make people focus only on themselves and not care about building strong connections with others, which can lead to loneliness.




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  1. HA! I finally got one on ya Irish!
    I knew I had heard those words recently and I couldn't find the video on her Twitter page but I did find it on Tik Tok.
    It's my new crush from Canada.

    That's the video and here is her Twitter page,

  2. And notice what happens to those who Unite the People.

  3. Yeah, but it ain't workin' It's been the strategem for 50 years, but it started to fall apart in Zippy's reign when blacks begane calling him halfa cracka. More damage was done when the show trial of Brother Bret made women (especially minority women) think, "That could be my (fill in relationship)". Now we've had the lockdown and Idiotonomics make realize people are in the same boat. Toss in the Davos crowd's vision and things are swinging against the bad guys.

    PS If some "Conservative" writers are just latching on to the ideas above, we need better writers.

  4. Putin, Tucker Carlson As Rudolf Hess, And The Multi Polar World Order

  5. The first stanza of the globalist's anthem and their America Democrat brigade: "O say can you see the end justifies the means".

  6. simplist thing is the answer. Don't read shit into stupid.
    otherwise you become stupid.


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