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Friday, September 22, 2023

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Finally Fucking Friday...









Stay safe and enjoy the weekend!!!


  1. Hot damn! A week removed from deep sea fishing and this is what I come back to, TITTIES (and cars and guns and food and other cool stuff). Thanks, Irish!

  2. Da gifs saved for near the end after we're panting from Marilyn and Farrah and all of the other bodacious beautiful buxom babes that preceded them displaying their magnificent assets.

    #112 is an eight track tape. I'm older than that. Who besides me remembers when car radio's only came in AM?

    #80 fine red head, #96 almost perfection and several babes trying to distract us from their magnificent boobs by looking directly into the camera with "those eyes".

    Another in a long Long LONG string of OUTSTANDING Friday night extravaganza's to distract from the stresses of reading about more Bribem and other Demonrat criminals selling out our country.

    Thanks and have a great weekend


    1. Anonymous, not only do I remember the AM-only radios, I used to FIX 'em back in the '70s. Anybody remember what that buzzing "thing" on the back of the radio was for? Extra extra points if you not only can tell me what it was, but WHY it was there!?!

      AAAAAAAAAAND another piece of trivia:
      We have the AAA, AA, C, D, 9V, N-series, 123-series, and zillions of those "button" batteries, but why no "B" battery???

    2. You mean the vibrator? The thing that flipped dc positive & negative to produce ac

    3. It was called a chopper - used to 'chop' dc into chunks and feed a transformer to make higher voltages for the radio.

  3. Thanks for the pictures of all the cars and girls, I'm old yes, but I can still dream. Oh, and that Colt Python was really sweet.

  4. There are few things that are reliable in this world: the encroachment of old age; the tyranny of gravity; and Irish bringing the magic each FFF. Excellent stuff - thanks, Irish!


  5. The ATC seat must be rough on 23's seat, nice constellation on 40, nice tush on 46 if real, 54's is real, nice let's lay down for an hour, dear on 63, nice Dr Jill's dress on 72, what we all would like to do on 77, hi, Marilyn, very nice looking older lady and real woman on 98, nice suspenders on 101, nice adaptation to the elements on 109, happy to rub whatever's bothering 117, nice pointers (for all you C programmers ) on 123, nice bouncy on 126, 129, hate it when the don't bounce IYKWIMAITYD.

    Fun fact: when Steve turns out his collar to show his captain's bars in that scene, he was taking advantage of a little-known hook in the Geneva Convention - if you had some part of your country's uniform under your disguise, they couldn't shoot you as a spy (hopefully).

  6. 4 - Ah, yes. Laconia's infamous burn-out boards. How to ruin a $250 Michelin and cook your engine..
    6 - Daddy, Daddy - It's da BANDIT!
    10 - Just DAMN!
    17 - POTN 1st Alternate
    18 - No rust. Amazing for the year, but it is in Texas.
    20 - And a nail up through the sole, on top of it all.
    23 - That tree stand is in a great spot. That is a nice looking split-tail on the ole game camera.
    27 - Steve McQueen in The Great Escape
    33 - There is a wrestling match I'd pay money to watch. Better than WWE, any day.
    34 - Ready and waiting, MILF of the Night
    39 - B25 Mitchell
    41 - Interesting. I would like to see more of her. I know you can find her.
    53 - POTN 2nd Alternate
    55 - 30 Carbine, 1903-A3, Mosin Nagant, SKS
    62 - My slightly unstable looking, POTN
    66 - 76 High Boy
    74 - I don't know what she is looking for, but I found what I want.
    80 - I don't care if she IS actually Bi-Polar. I would soooooooooo love to give her a go.
    81 - The perfect camp breakfast.
    83 - That is some right proper bacon.
    86 - Hot Mom about to cause an accident. Fun bags are already deployed.
    92 - Yaaaay! My submission made it in!
    96 - She tans like my wife - fair or fried. No in between.
    97 - Just laying back and enjoying the experience.
    103 - Hertz rent-a-racer.
    104 - EMERGENCY Roy DeSoto(Kevin Tighe) and John Gage(Randolph Mantooth). Watched every afternoon.
    106 - Obviously a Northern state, though.
    107 - That, is incredible. Another research project for you.
    110 - It was a better world, too.
    111 - Yeah, OK. You're shy....... Sure.
    112 - It would appear to be a Factory Ford Demonstration tape for their new AM/FM, 8 track tape deck.
    113 - Awesome. Dessert is served.
    114 - Halloween 1978. Why does Jamie Lee Curtis look like a dude?
    116 - Farrah!
    120 - Elizabeth Montgomery in 1963's Johnny Cool. "The International Murder Machine, They Couldn't Turn Off"
    124 - I doubt there is much "cherry" about that, other than the tattoo.
    125 - Maine Coon Cat. That is one BIG puddy-tat.
    132 - POTN 3rd Alternate
    133 - Still amazing.
    139 - OK. Where is Johno?

    Excavator is already pre-positioned.
    If it wasn't going to rain this weekend, we'd be ripping up the front lawn.
    Looking like Tuesday is going to be the day for the dirt work.
    My equipment lust is pretty high right now.
    I really can't justify that much machine, or how much it costs.

    Have a good weekend, Boss.
    Will catch up with ya in a few days.

    Whitehall, NY

  7. As always, excellent! Many thanks

  8. You never disappoint. Keep up the good fight.

  9. Well done sir; a perfect ending to a really shitty week. I can now go about my weekend with a smile on my face.

  10. I had the tape depicted in 112. It demonstrates the sound system and had some jazzy elevator music

  11. Great picture of the girls from the original Halloween!

  12. M1 Garand, Mauser 98, Moisin Nagant, SKS

    1. Not a Garand. You can see the magazine when the image is enlarged. Besides the cartridges are round nosed and much shorter than an '06 round. Also the receiver is stamped "30 Carbine"
      You are right on the Mauser. In blowing the image up, those are definitely are 8mm rounds. Also, the cut outs for the strippers are different than an '03A3.

      Whitehall, NY

  13. it appears that I have arrived at a stage in life where the FFF pics most likely to cause me to go “Hot Damn! I want me some of that!” Are the ones featuring food. I blame age and Bidenomics. And second place goes to some of those cars. Of course if there were a pic of a winsome woman AND the food…. (and maybe throw in the car)

  14. P.J. Soles and Elizabeth Montgomery. Great additions along with all the others.

  15. The .48 cents per gallon gas pic was in '73 , before the oil shortage in '74. I remember that by '78 it had gone to 99.9 ...
    I really miss those days 😪

  16. Superb mixed bag set again today, and plenty to eat. I do not want to find Aussies please

  17. Adam 12, Adam 12, please go to the corner of.......

  18. Thanks for the B-25. Chief

  19. Age check? Yeah I remember that well...it was an in dash toaster oven in 71 Ford Pinto, the first production year, the red thing is a ready to heat casserole container, just push it in and it popped out when it was done, the Ford engineers really outdid themselves to cater to the newly liberated soccer moms who had little time to prepare home cooked meals due to burning their bras...or something. Anyway it was short lived because so many Pintos caught fire when the newly liberated moms forgot to set the timer due to being distracted while putting on makeup while stuck in traffic. Multi tasking was not a thing then. True story.....

  20. A nutritious addition to my late weekend; it's Sunday morning here and I very much appreciate the spectrum of fine-ness!

  21. A great collection of babes, vehicles and weapons!
    I think 97 is Zuzana Drobinova; look her up on babepedia.
    Thanks for all you do!

  22. #22 - "No Bra Club", #23 "Hold my beer"

  23. Thank you. Great show. I don't how how but you constantly top yourself.


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