Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Burning Platform Offline- Updates See Below- Updated again... The Site Just Worked For Me...5/26 6:45am



  It appears The Burning Platform is down for an unknown issue. The site is not "nuked" as

far as I can tell.  IF any one has any updates or has heard from Jim, please let us know.


Irish and the other concerned Patriots.


 Doug/ Uncola posted a comment on his blog with this update

May 25, 2023 – See e-mail below from Jim Quinn @ TheBurningPlatform.com:

Hi Doug 

We had a major snafu and our server was deleted. It was totally an internal issue and not an outside attack. It might take TMWNN a couple days to get us back up and running. I’m sure the monkeys think it was a CIA takedown. I’m actually enjoying the day off. I haven’t had one since 2016 when we had the denial of service attack that TMWNN saved the site from. 

If possible, once TBP is back up, please don’t forget to donate financially to support TBP. Jim and The Man With No Name put in a lot of effort every day over there. 

Thank you,

(Doug / Uncola)




  1. Well, "not nuked" is good news; maybe it is just a maintenance issue. Hope so!

  2. I get a message " TBP will be back when we fix our dumb mistake."

  3. https://thetollonline.com/2023/05/25/site-down-from-jim-q-the-burning-platform/

  4. Back up this morning. I had a similar response from Jim to my email.

  5. Oh, I saw that yesterday and was wondering thanks for the update


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