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Monday, August 15, 2022

Take 10 minutes and listen. He covers a LOT of bases.....


 What I like about this is Neil doesn't give opinions or tell you what you want to hear.

He just asks to you think......







  1. These days asking people to think is asking a lot.....

  2. Even non-thinkers complain about actors flying around in private jets. It's the endless wars without victory doing major damage to the earth. One B-52 bomber consumes 3,000 gallons of jet fuel per hour, most of it in the stratosphere.

  3. It should be seen by everyone and every snivelling politician and the ‘elites’, the 1% lording it over us should be tied to a chair and made to watch it.

  4. Slowly, Toto pulls the curtain back to revel "The Great Oz" pulling the levers.
    painfully slow. But more of the whoopals are awakening each tine people like Neil speek.

  5. A good video. I sorted this out many years ago after they hijacked a trillion or so and bailed out their criminal banker friends and gave them a get out of jail card. Obama opened my eyes to the criminality that defines the USG.

  6. Slainte Mhath, friend! Much to chew on, there.


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