Sunday, August 14, 2022

End of week 32 file clearing.... and Mom










Reader Mark sent a link to BOOKWORM ROOM.

There is a full thread of memes regarding the "Panty Raid". Check the comments as well.

Caveat: Sitting around sharing memes isn't going to change anything, kinda like voting.

We are at a dangerous crossroads in this country. You can sense it, IF, you are paying attention.

Being aware, alert to changes and prepared is the best you can do. imho.

Whether or not it saves you or not will have to be determined in the rear view mirror.

How do you , the individual, stop China or Bill Gates for that matter, from buying up agricultural land?

How do you fight, as an individual, against the huge monopolies that are established?

I can name many a smaller company that has been purchased by larger conglomerates.

Look at our media. 

Look at our food.

Look at our manufacturing.

Look at the information and who controls it.

Look at the enforcement arms of gubmint. 

They marginalize those that speak out and push to the front anything that will break down the fabric of what once made this country great.  

Sure, there are plenty of examples in history where America had been the villain and has caused death and destruction and stuck it's tentacles in areas it shouldn't and there are examples where America has come to the rescue and been a beacon of hope.

I spent a good portion of yesterday with my Mom. At 86 she worries about stuff that is out of her control. 

We had a great afternoon, just me and her.

At one point she said something about a news article in another state.

I said, "Mom, at this point, there is nothing you can do about any of this, let alone said story.The media is telling us stories because it makes money. The talking heads tell you what you want to hear, because it makes money. They tell us about who the new "boogie-man" is each week, or what "pandeclimaohmygodwe'reallgonnadie" apocalypse is next to keep us focused on everything but what should be front and center."

"Pande what?" She asked.

"Just all the bullshit Ma" I replied. "There's nothing you can do and worrying about shit you can't change doesn't do you any good." " You need to get outside, enjoy the nice days, walk and get your strength back" "I'm a realist Ma, you know that." "At this point the clock is ticking faster and you need to let all the shit go and enjoy what time you have left."

"Speaking of enjoyment, when was the last time you had a nice vodka drink?"

"Want me to stop and get some Absolut for you?"

" I don't have any cranberry juice"

"They sell that as well" I added.

"Not now, maybe next weekend."

We pulled up to the a stop sign as we headed home. There were two young kids waving a politicians sign on the corner. I read it and said "The guys a Democrat"

"Ma, wanna feel really good?" "Roll down the window and give them the finger"

"I've never done that to anyone before!" she exclaimed.

I looked at her and said "IT won't change anything but it will make you feel really good"

We laughed. 

I gave them the finger for her.









  1. Sounds like a hell of a great day. Wish she would have taken you up on the Vodka.

    When caring for my In-laws, who I loved dearly, in their final days M-I-L who died last had the liquor store on speed dial. In her early ninties, she would pull up out front, they would come get her credit card process it and bring her special wine and Vodka out. Towards the end I would go get it for her.

    ps The wine was called something Rose. She said she acquired a taste for it in college. To sweet for me. Those were hell of a good days, I miss them greatly. Godly and wise people. Father in law was my scotch buddy till he quit. He gave me the acquired taste of Glenlivette.

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  3. Stan Freberg had the IRS pegged back in 1982.

  4. I'm telling ya Bud, your Mom sounds like a hoot!


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