Friday, June 10, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.....





Stay safe out there and enjoy the weekend!!...


  1. Nice looking older lady on 67, nice milk inside and out on 73, fine Irish lass looking for a haystack on 79, nice bustenhalter on 87, nice tummy, among other things, on 102, nice underpinnings on 162.

  2. Who is #61?

    1. Don't know :-( sorry

    2. DK but #81 is probably Alice Bundy

    3. I think it’s Dawn Wells

    4. #61 that lovely lass is English pin up Gail McKenna active '86-90

  3. Once again, an outstanding effort my man.
    Did everybody get the joker reference?
    Good one there

  4. Another great one. Thanks for the effort for another week.


    1. week in, week out simply great.. many thx

  5. 2 - Nicely proportioned
    10 - Quit playing with that floppy and let me show you my hard drive.
    11 - Can you say Pedo-Bear? Should be on a sexual predator watch-list, not leader of a country.
    16 - Rescued Goat.
    18 - Wasn't an accident.
    20 - I don't look like that - yet....
    28 - Imagine the raw board feet in that and the quality of the lumber.
    30 - I'd say right around 1983 or so.
    35 - Fucker, and all his minions, needs to die a most horrible death. Immediately!
    40 - A young Heather Locklear
    47 - Young Christy Brinkley
    49 - Christy Brinkley at 67. Still pretty damn nice.
    50 - Xenomorph field.
    52 - Some quality Boiler Doc bait, right there.
    59 - $ 2388 ?!?!?!?! I'LL TAKE FIVE! Throw in the Fastback for another grand and it's a deal. Don't get too worked up over the Camaro; it's probably a 250 - 6 with a Powerglide.
    61 - Page 3 girl Gail McKenna.
    62 - Funny thing is, most state DEC regs consider the 5.56 as a .22 round and too small to hunt with. Must not blow lungs out, then?
    67 - Love a Hot Mom.
    75 - Twice the fun.
    72 - Just as nice, when we've seen her twice.
    79 - Tina Louise
    82 - My suggestion? Burn your Man Card.
    84 - Opinions that vary with the political winds. May he swing from Hemp, soon!
    85 - Mmmm, looks comfy.
    88 - I do because I still have my pride.
    89 - Classic Cheese Cake.
    90 - I love it when a liberal is foisted on their own petard.
    91 - So, close. More please.
    95 - Another Classy Classic.
    101 - My POTN. And why not? I've been good and busted my ass all week. I deserve something nice, even if it's two!
    107 - Freckles they are good. POTN 1st Alternate .
    110 - VEPR Hunter. Rare in these parts.
    120 - OMG! FullySemiAutomatic Seige Weapons. Won't you think of the children?
    125 - Dawn Wells gets my vote in the Mary Ann vs Ginger contest.
    127 - Oh yeah!
    135 - T Bird of Prey
    156 - More Hot Mom's. I love it.
    164 - There's too much confusion. I can't get no relief.
    165 - POTN 2nd Alternate
    171 - Then pay attention!
    172 - 7.62 x 39
    173 - So, close. Yet, so far.

    Another great eclectic mix to end the week on a high note.
    Thanks, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  6. #69 is a '61 Paul. Vibrato sucks.

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the memes today. ALMOST made me forget what FFF is named for...
    Thanks Irish

  8. How do you find the numbers of each pic? Are you actually counting them?

    1. I click on the pic and it pops up with them listed by number on the bottom, with individual pics in the middle.

  9. Man Irish all FFFF are good but something about last week and this week is really good. Those skinny bitches with store-bought titties are okay to look at but you bring something different to the table with your selections. I guess it's the more realistic women/milf/silf that I appreciate.

    ps Dark humor but 26 is funny as shit to me. Been watching a documentary about a guy in Washington I think putting together a Star Trek museum display looking for real stage props. Pretty cool to see the captains chair and the enterprise again. The enterprise will be hanging in the smithsonian soon. Hope to see it next time I'm there.

  10. ps 28 Mark Twain Tree, history is fascinating

  11. Wow, you've outdone yourself Irish. Great job.
    The golden calf/vaccine is outstanding.


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