Friday, March 18, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago....

 Here's a soundtrack for background music as you peruse this week's offering....







Stay safe out there, and enjoy the weekend.








  1. My man, you are awesome! You just get it. I'm an 80's kid, last great decade of boys to become real men. Thanks for the weekly reminder if how beautiful life is.

  2. Nice fleshy on 22, 154, 209, nice real woman on 32, 215, nice vinyl on 34, nice soldier on 38, nice bouncy on 55, 91, nice shower on 61, nice freckles on 179, nice tush on 185.

    PS Farther than you think on 265. I remember when those prices were half that.

  3. It's the freaking weekend baby! Damn fine post Irish, thanks!

  4. It's the freaking weekend baby! Damn fine post Irish, thanks!

    1. Apologies for the double post. I rec'd a message saying 'Network Error - Try Again'.

  5. Another excellent selection, however, if I may offer:

    11; should read "have destroyed"
    65; stupid bitch
    99; had that two days ago with brauts
    111; years past
    116; truth
    168; truth
    178; venal
    200; venal
    212; yes
    268; SOS is better
    281; yes

  6. Dam straight unknown 80’s kid...FJB...

  7. For the first time in looking at this collage I can't decide on the boobs or the faces of some of these women. Stunning is the only word I can up with for some of these women. 'Course ALL of the boobs are fantastic especially the flashers and the women massaging same. Fan fookin' tastic. The memes were good too. I do get a twinge down thinking about all of the negative shit they point to that's happened in just a years time. But, better days are coming, I hope.

    Thanks for another outstanding collage to send us off into what will be the first warm weekend around these parts in six months.

    Try the garlic. It works, for me at least. Cooking it before ingesting takes most of the bite out, but the Allicin is still there. In case you don't know Allicin is the health enhancing part of the garlic and the mosquito repellent. Takes a couple days to a week to build up in your body to work well. You may still get bit occasionally but you won't be swarmed.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.


  8. 18 - Wondering which of the buggers to blame. And watching for.....pigs on the wing.
    24 - Damn suspenders!
    28 - POTN is early in the list this week. Nice.
    34 - MeeYeeeOW!
    36 - Damn....
    40 - Sorry kid. Mom is hotter.
    42 - Told ya so.
    43 - Some animals are more equal than others.
    46 - Found it. ;-)
    49 - She has skills..... and no gag reflex. Perfect.
    52 - I could hear that in my head.
    63 - Another, Told ya so....
    76 - Lea Thompson was always cute as hell. Still pretty damn nice.
    87 - That is some impressive form. The push ups aren't bad, either.
    101 - Typical rules for radicals tactics - accuse your enemy of what you are guilty of.
    113 - Hammer Time!
    124 - Battle Taurus has two buttons - one for hours and one for minutes. Changes are a matter of seconds.
    127 - POTN Alternate
    131 - GT350R
    150 - Talk about a lose/lose proposition.
    156 - So long and thanks for all the fish.
    165 - Love a hot mom.
    173 - Bite my shiny metal ass!
    191 - I'll take one of each, please.
    197 - Best part of waking up ain't Folgers.
    200 - Woe to you, oh earth and sea.....
    201 - Attractive. Just needs to lose the nose ring and dye job.
    205 - Just a little to the right.....
    208 - Saw a sign today #StopRussianAgression . Like a hashtag solves or helps ANYTHING! Fucking idiots.
    212 - Forgot to wipe your ass with it first.
    216 - Soul eater has found a fresh target. I'll make ya work for it.
    218 - Worst.Photo.Shop.EVER.
    242 - Nice 66 F100. Less issues than the tatted up Coors swiller.
    244 - It's the being anti-idiot part, that makes me anti-social.
    252 - Beep, Beep!
    254 - Those are some sweet cheeks.
    258 - Remember; the, Mother Fucker, is silent.
    266 - I'm torn, but it seems tempting. It will either be awesome or absolutely disgusting.
    270 - Or how about: Unwilling to lose it all?
    273 - Hold on. I'll drive.

    A great St Patrick's week, send off. Much appreciated.
    Thanks, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  9. Thanks for the background music. Good idea,

  10. Walter Mitty's GrandsonMarch 19, 2022 at 12:28 AM

    One of the best ever; comments in no specific order:

    **The railroad crossing at the top-grew up in the mid-west where the road grade went up and over the tracks and sometimes it was pretty steep in a short distance, rather that mostly flat as in the picture here. The up and over type took many lives, especially when a vehicle got stuck. Had a girlfriend whose older brother died at a crossing and a good buddy whose nephew got his combine stuck and barely got away before the train smashed it.

    **The political commentary-very prophetic. Food for thought: if you live in a state that requires exhaust emissions do not be surprised to soon see increasing rates of questionable emissions rejections. Sure, 'cuz we all know EVs are pollution free, right?

    **Something for everyone this week, though vehicles and food got short changed. Was thinking that was also going to apply to the redheads, but they came on strong after halftime.

    **Should I ever locate the Time Machine it will be tested to see how well it returns to when we were all 23 years old-if it works I promise to give the ladies here at least 24 hours notice there will a lot of handsome guys in town looking for a good time.

    Keep up the good work (not that any of us have any doubt about that!).

  11. Spotted the beautiful Barbie Benton immediately.
    Another awesome Friday femme fatale.

  12. Thanks Irish for youre hard work on theae posts, you really made my week! (Again)

  13. Thanks for Barbie Benton.
    She had the prettiest bush of the 70's.
    Be well,

  14. Too many good posts on here above me, so I will say well done!! Thanks!

  15. #86 - Sound premise, if you had the terms and figures even close it would be interesting but as far as getting it straight,
    hardly, it's just all wrong.

    Ships don't even run on diesel and the fuel consumption (in tons/hour) varies so widely depending upon the ship and dozens of other conditions that nailing it down to any one gallons/hour figure is silly. I suppose you could come up with an aggregate figure between many ships over a year (at least) and come up with an average consumption rate. In any case, bunker fuel weighs about 8.3 pounds/gallon so how could you get 22.38 pounds of anything by burning it? The rest of the math is just as impossible.

    Nice try, no sale.

    1. The "accuracy" of the meme aside, the fact that you cannot go to anywhere and EASILY come up with the facts and figures regarding ANY energy in this country, in order to assist your free and considerate decision regarding the "environment-friendliness" of each, is more of why the crony-capitalism all needs to go away. The actual costs of lithium, cadmium, palladium, carbon fiber, and the thousands of other chemicals that go into making EVs, and everything else that is part of the "alternative" energy sector need to be compiled, along with the same for ICE cars so that people can truly know what is up. It would make for an interesting read I'm sure. The costs of political corruption, protectionist regulations and tariffs, free military protection, etc. would obviously be some of the most difficult costs to properly assess.

    2. LNG engines are now being used in cargo ships, most diesel engines use low sulphur fuel and have for over 20 years due to IMO regulations, you are comparing apples and watermelons, don't analyze what doesn't need to be. I've worked steam and diesel, so don't try to bullshit me with a reply.

    3. An information update - marine diesels have been the propulsion of choice for ocean-going vessels for at least 25 years. (There are still many oil-fired steam turbine ships in service.)

      Retired oil tanker company employee...

  16. 218 is quite awesome and you're going to scribble all over her crotch?? Geez... OK, where can I go to get the original photo without the scribbling?

    1. Her name is Michelle Amara. Google Michelle Amara Nude. Enjoy

  17. Bless you Irish.
    There is a God and he is good.

  18. Looks like Irishman had his extra strength, high power beer googles on this week. I like seeing normal average and mature women, but he should stay away from the livestock. Quite a few heifers and a hog or two this week.

    1. Everyone has different tastes. Some of the followers enjoy the plus sized ladies.

    2. It would seem not everyone has heard of the unwritten rules that if one does not like a picture, to scroll on without commenting, and to not be critical of the blog host.

  19. The music ended before I finished perusing, does that mean I have to stop?

    15 Epic. 20 Barbie Benton has always been a favorite.27 Amen and also be the fall guy.36 I want the job of supplying and applying the ice for the desired effect. 57 When on the shitter I was on twitter, till they cancelled me. 59 For me its tire tracks in the yard. 76 It was great to be a teenager back in that day.233 That's funny.

  20. Outstanding as usual, but #165 took the prize for me

  21. Barbie Benton...always the perfect inclusion. Something about that welcoming smile of hers. Yeah, it looks a bit "ditzy," but endearing too. 115 is near perfection, though the overall was outstanding. Mike Rowe would either make a great president, or press secretary for someone like him, whose head is out of his ass. I think every American would love listening to him over the likes of the Peppermint Patty/Chucky hybrid we have today. Won't be holding my breath for the "election" of anyone like that anytime soon. And the memes were outstanding.

  22. Great collection! I'll get on board with the others thanking you for Barbie B.
    Keep up the great work!

  23. Is that the Challenger one fateful morning?

  24. As always, great job with this one! Thanks especially for the accompanying music, it fits well and goes great while enjoying the picture show.

  25. I freakin love this website. I soooo look forward to it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  26. Damn Irish. Well done. That's all I have to say this week.

  27. That redhead wrapped in yellow...


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