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Friday, February 4, 2022

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Another Submittal...








  This evening we have a new submission from Mrs. "44F"

 Here's a hint:

Roses Are Red

The Nails Are Too

Mrs. 44 F

Is Shared For You......



 Enjoy your weekend... Stay safe out there. 








  1. #7 - Angela Lansbury? She was a cutie.
    You need to move air in order to make a squeaky toy work...but the idea is a great one
    Nice shot of Barbie Benton...she was always great to look at (put in a shot of Debra Jo Fondren sometime)
    Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe were the best law firm (3 Stooges).
    Great as always. Gotta see if I can find some of that 135 proof Jack....

  2. LMFAO at the harmonica trick.
    I bow to a true evil genius, whoever you are.

  3. Nice Ashley Graham on 50, nice buxom on 51, 126, nice tush on 82, 184, nice flotation devices on 61, 65, 68 - 70, 72, 97, 182, nice older lady on 78, nice bush on 122, nice coasters on 151, nice foundation on 164, nice frogbabes on 186, nice packaging on 218, nice bouncy on 242, 256, and is that a nice Angela Lansbury on 7?

  4. Once again you've done us proud and given an old man a case of palpitations. Those women near the end that flash their boobs after teasingly bouncing their boobs around under their shirts, and that one woman who was squeezing her boobs, EEEYYYOOOWWWZZZAAA

    Mrs 44F definitely has a rack!!!

    The meme crop was especially pointed this week. It's a wonder DC's balloon hasn't popped they're so sharp.

    Thanks! Have a great weekend. Watch out for the 2" of sleet frozen snow topped with that skim of snow. Deadly.


  5. A tour de force. Thanks you made a dreary winter day much brighter, heck you improved the whole darn weekend. Thanks Irish

  6. The red nails I observed are 35, 50, 67, 82, 119, 145, 218, have no idea which photo is correct, will wait for the answer. Kudos for another excellent FFF

    1. Hint.....the one with the rose tattoo....

  7. Homer's struggle (#56) is my struggle, a lifelong struggle at that. At least I can come here and relax, laugh, and get my fill of tits, whisky, and cars. Thanks Irish!

  8. 4 - Yup, one is my wife.
    17 - Interesting combo.
    34 - Bigfoot's cousin?
    35 - My POTN
    50 - Red nails, but no rose. Pretty though.
    54 - Trouble, just by the look.
    59 - POTN Alternate.
    66 - Well, that just exudes class.....
    74 - Eleanor
    91 - The fun is about to begin!
    96 - Don't forget to spay and neuter your pets. 9mm should work.
    106 - Evil Incarnate.
    107 - Wow.
    109 - Another shy one.
    113 - Good Lord. I remember the days.....
    119 - Lots of money and time required for this one. Mostly money.
    128 - That's nice.
    170 - Deer camp of dreams.
    218 - There she is.
    226 - EXACTLY!
    246 - Haven't watched any Fool's Ball since Montana and Rice left.
    248 - Wugga, wugga, wugga.....

    Definitely had a Super Sport theme to the night. They were some of the better ones though.
    What a great way to end the night after pushing snow for hours.
    Thanks, Boss.

    Whitehall, NY

  9. Irish, not gonna say which is Mrs 44F, she sent the pic to us and I had the pleasure of a before peek and sent them on to you... They are impressive is all I can say.

  10. Another goodun. Ohio Guy

  11. Ahhhhhhh, another world famous Friday Femme Fatale Farrago, thanks again Irish, much appreciated

  12. Another awesome display of good eatin'! Speaking of which, I nominate Mailtand Ward.

  13. Mrs 44F said thanks. And if there is more comment she will share more

    1. Very impressive that she is willing to share and it makes it all the more gooder she's a real person!
      Many thanks.

  14. 257 Brilliant gonna use that. 248 Serious talent. 246 without kapperdick. 234 The always smoking hot Hannah Palmer. 225 Excellent find, my favorite activity. 223 Good on ole Kurt. 218 Nice nails and rose. 214 Man those donkey choppers. 207 And what you are doing for them now. 200 The cop sting videos were the funniest. Have a friend story to tell you one day. 198 You can't stop the signal Mal. 182 Adora likes to do that. 180 Can I visit Diveagar Beach. 178 Anna Blaze, no thanks. 176 Some foreign countries do have their advantages. Just ask my brother about Norway. 172 Hayley Marie Coppin has probably had one. 171 ROFLMAO. 166 The Caroline Vreeland smoke show. 162 Joey Fisher thank you for makeup. 160 Scarletsbod has to many tats. 152 His body of work in motion picture is one of the greatest. 150 Bbyalessandra would like to have had one like her when I was younger.145 Ooof sorry that scared me at first. 144 Mireia Cabello trys hard. 142 Thats what I'm talking about but don't know who she is.139 Most people don't know that a large share of revenue is from NSF fees. 134Legend Danni Ashe's bananas. 133 Yes but he was a lot tougher then, I still hate that name. 130 Eronavi. 124 Lara Kovalenko smoke show. 119 The Jessica Ashley Karpov pmate smoke show. 113 Maris Koshechkina petite hottie. 111 Myla Dalbesio. 109 Carol is a legit Brasilian babe.

  15. I think I got the Mrs. 44f, very nice. I did see an older pic of Francesca (sp). Her earlier pic's were classics.

  16. 3 The cute Anna Speckhart. 7 Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury was a hottie in her day. 11 Jayne Mansfield beautiful. You can catch her daughter Marisa Hargitay on one of those prosecutor shows. 16 Doutzen Kroes smokin mud sharper. 23 Lauren Drain. Thankfully she got herself banished from the Westboro Baptist church or she'd be just another commie. 24 Vintage pmate and one of my favorites Barbi Benton. 27 Might be Aesop and his brother before chance encounter with the Manson women in the hills. 29 Vintage hottie Angelika Ejtel. 33 My old girlfriend, shoulda married her. 35 Ah a little coffee with my hailee lautenbach the best part of waking up. 44 I may need to higher those guys. 50 Ashley Graham but don't go look. 52 Vintage heat Annette Funicello. 54 The Ashley Thompson smoke show. 59 Frequent visitor here natalia andreeva. 60 Ashley Tervort. 61 Irelynn Dunham she has looked better whoever she is. 62 princesskiarra. 76 Busty Babe Aneli. 77 Best meme yet. I had the Harvest 8 track. 82Bunnie Barreras whoever she is. 84 Vintage milf whoever she is. 88 Somewhere in NY she is playing hide the weenie. 93 Great movie great song. 97 Anna curvy is just that. 98 I blasted the hell out of that dyke bitch to the point she won't let people comment on twitter. 101 Bullets. 104 They wait till its emptied by us.

    1. That is an impressive ability. I often wonder who is who; sometimes I get a faint memory of some chick on here but usually cannot connect the dots.

  17. These portfolios are good for what ails me.

  18. #218

    Roses are red
    Her nails are too
    She's keeping then tiddies
    out of view.

  19. Oh, and #178 looks like a young Teri Garr as seen in 'young frankenstein"


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