Friday, October 8, 2021

Phil and Cederq's Blog Merry-go -round......*Cue the circus music*


 Here is the direct link, I think, to the site. Maybe I'm wrong. We will find out.

I think they are both still sleeping.




 As you can see below, the first image I set up Bustednuckles with the .net and save it all to my blog list.

There are three allowable settings regarding URL and feed. I tried each one.

Close out of blogger.

Log back in and....

The second pictures shows the feed jumps to .com and the old site.

This is now above my paygrade as well.







Hopefully they can figure it out...... 


  1. I did and used url only no feed and it seems to work okay.

    1. Thanks Fred, I'll try that for now.

    2. Nope, didn't work. Blogger has no toggle to look for "feed" or not. Once added it finds the "feed" for the .com page.

  2. I've found the site works well in Vivaldi (at the moment); not so in Chrome, Yandex, Edge, Firefox, or Opera.

  3. IT's the Https:// try it http:// instead. He does not have the SSL certificate set up yet so https:// not working


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