Friday, October 8, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago...... Shall We Play A Game?....


Some recommended items to gather........



 Tonight we have the first picture submitted by Mrs. "Jones".  If you read the post earlier this week you know that she enjoys FFF with Mr. Jones. Her picture is in line up.

First off, fill the room with smoke and dim the lights, then we'll set the jukebox to the silky seventies......

Now the hard part. The key to her photo. Just remember this is only the first one. Kinda like sticking your butt in the bath to test the water temperature...

Ok, ready........


What is the sum of the number of apples and the number of asshats in the shady bunch?

 How many squirt guns did you see?

If the year is 1946, what year was Rebecca Born?

As you scroll through the post write down the numbers in order.  You should have a Month, Day. Year.


 More at the end.... lets get the show on the road!..... 




  Phewwww.... you made it.

The numbers you have should look like a date.










Now add a comma to the year. Between the century and decade.











There will be 4 numbers now.





We're almost there.






Take the numbers and find the corresponding letter in the alphabet to form a word.


That's the location of her picture.


Please, take a moment in the comments to thank Mrs. Jones for sharing. 

and please,  Have a great weekend! Stay Safe and "Let's Go Brandon"


  1. Awesome set, as always. Great puzzle, and super pic from Mrs. Jones.

  2. Awesome.
    My only comment is that after 62 years, I have decided that women only orgasm when they LET THEMSELVES orgasm.
    if they don't, they blame it on men, but really it is all on them.


  3. I think I saw fur in two pics. Don't see that much nowadays...

    Nice set, thanks Irish!

    1. The second for patch is more aptly the Sequoia National Park! Definitely machete territory.

    2. Good to see when a lady lets herself go natural.

  4. I always did love Jujubes.

    Nice hut 1, hut 2 on 52, nice it can't be sarong if it looks so right on 53 (had to), nice goose bumps on 86, nice Barbara Eden on 93, nice crochet on 103, nice tiptoe on 116, nice bush on 126, nice pear on 133, nice respiration on 170.

    No, I haven't forgotten.

    And the year was '59, not '69. Chuck Berry's "Back In The USA" was playing on the radio, the cool cars were the Stingray and the Thunderbird, you were trying to decide whether to see Rio Bravo or North By Northwest at the drive-in, there were only 2 genders. Things were going downhill in '69.

    '59 was great.

  5. God Bless You Irish.
    It was absolutely wonderful to actually sit down and enjoy this and escape the shit show for a while.
    Thanks man.

  6. Nice collage. I don't think I got the answer. Thanks for contributing Mrs Jones. I'll find you eventually. Nemo

  7. Ah, so we have saved the best for last. Nice.
    Thanks Mr Jones, for sharing your good fortune. And thank you, Darlin', for talking him into it.

    13 - Sand Pony
    15 - That is going to hurt. I'm next!
    17 - Those eyes.
    22 - I wonder if Doordash makes deliveries from Brentwood to Whitehall?
    26 - Around here, the "Egg" does 3x before the Rooster ;-)
    28 - Mmmmm, SBR
    31 - Wowsers! Where can I get THAT?
    47 - Things looked great one million, two thousand and twenty-one years ago.
    74 - Just WOW! What's with the cord, though?
    75 - Oh, how I love puffies.
    105 - Mmmm, puffies just the way Doc likes 'em.
    114 - What comfortable looks like.
    160 - The beginning of the end.
    163 - Looks like breakfast is served.

    Thanks, Boss.
    The extra time, and beers, made for another spectacular week ending FFFF!
    And a special thanks to our honored guest, Mrs Jones.

    Whitehall, NY

  8. Excellent collection, and a big Thank You to the lovely Mrs. Jones!

  9. Thanks to Mrs. Jones. Well done!
    As was the entire set. Happy Friday ya'll!

  10. Wait….there’s squirt guns? I only saw boobies???

  11. Another wonderful end to the week, Irish. Thanks to you, the inimitable Mrs Jones and Mr Jones for sharing his good fortune.

  12. "Don't you know that women are the only works of art?" - Don Henley, Driving With Your Eyes Closed

  13. Great collection!
    Tonya Song at 55, a couple nice shots of Adrienne Barbeau, Sandra O with another appearance, and thank you Mrs Jones for contributing.
    Amen on 1969

  14. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Jones

    Irish, well done. Did my post lead you to the song that came into my head.

  15. ps 136 for some reason just made this day complete.

  16. Pretty sure #126 is my ex-wife. Hard to tell because the towel is covering where the cat tattoo would be. The big ol' dildo in the background is certainly her style. If it ain't her it's her doppelganger. If it is her...batshit crazy doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.

  17. #71 is I believe absolute perfection. Dude whomever you are, do not let that one get away.

  18. For Mrs. Jones: Before I go back and find your real picture, I just wanted to say that you are very lovely and beautiful, and I'm thankful that you are on this planet.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

  19. Mrs. Jones, you've some stunning cleavage. Blue accents your skin tone. Thank you for putting the beauty in 'freedom of expression'

  20. I'm not too sure which on is Mrs Jones, but it doesn't matter. They are all beautiful ladies and I don't know their names either.

  21. How the hell can you guys do math, while looking at this? Lol

  22. #171 looks like my HS prom date but with tits larger than an A cup. The word "no" was not in her vocabulary until she dumped me.

  23. Not sure ….. is it last ?
    Fine collection all - thanks to you and Mrs J

  24. 12,1,19,20. last.

  25. You've had harder puzzles, this one was least for me. Thanks Mrs Jones!!!


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