Saturday, October 9, 2021

How In The Actual Fuck Do You Do This>?


 I had the day off today and one of my employees sent me a text and a picture.

The text said " Davey didn't tighten the vise"

The picture loaded on my phone and first glance was WTF??  then I texted back:

"we don't have 50 taper machines"  , we laughed together when I called him to tell him he sucked.

I can only imagine the shop this happened at:

*Loud noise out in the shop* 

* people shouting*

*people start laughing*

Manager heads over to commotion... ."what the fuck happened>>?????"

Employee.. *shrugs shoulders*  "I don't know" *stoned look in eyes*

Boss mutters "ya right"



  1. So that's one of those newfangled floating graviton vises I've heard about, eh? Ohio Guy

  2. Uh... this must be a machinist joke.

  3. That must have been an impressive sight to see that vise spinning around at cutting bit speed.

  4. Well, there went $20K in bearings and a replacement spindle.

  5. I want that drill vise!!!!! It didn't let the piece of metal spin loose. I also see no oil on the shavings. Heat can do funny & exciting things to a bit.

  6. The vise doesn't even look damaged where the mounting hardware is supposed to go. My first thought was what it would take rip the vise off the table, even on a wimpy mill like mine. Did they even use the mounting hardware?

  7. 90% chance a cell phone was involved.

  8. ATC - Automatic Tool Changer The spindle (on the right) holding the bit retracts and the arm swaps out the tool being used for the next tool needed. There is a carousel of tools on the left outside of the photo.

    When it came time to change the tool, the bit hung up on the work and the vice had not been fastened to the table strongly enough.

  9. I worked with a young man that was willing to break things for some fuck-off time, and did. What amazed me was his willingness, and pride, while telling someone he basically didn't know about his exploits at another company. It wasn't long after that I quit that company, and was glad I did. The superintendent was a doper, lazy, and the general superintendent's best drinking buddy.

  10. Reminds me of the time I built a little centrifuge to fit in the drill press. Everyone ran out of the machine shop.

  11. Question: In the states where smoking dope is legal..if you have a employee endanger other workers with stuff like in this pic can you still fire them? If the state has given a drug a pass how can you hold anyone accountable? I had to fire a good employee because his drug test showed positive, he claimed he only smoked dope at home but if he was driving one of my big trucks and caused harm, after a drug test lawyers would then come after me but not him because I was a bigger financial target. F#ck Joe Biden and all lawyers.


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