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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Way Back Wednesday

          Frank Beacham's Journal: Jacqueline Bisset is 76 years old today 

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Jacqueline Bisset | Jacqueline bisset, Portrait, Hollywood

Vintage Photos of Jacqueline Bisset - Mentertained

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Jacqueline Bisset, Actress Painting by Esoterica Art Agency

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Jacqueline Bisset : ClassicScreenBeauties

Jacqueline Bisset

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Picture of Jacqueline Bisset

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  1. The best wet t-shirt of my generation.... decent movie too.

  2. Scolling, I'm thinking..."he better have the one of her in the t-shirt in "The Deep". Yes, there she is!!!

  3. The photo of her with the SCUBA mask is what originated the Wet T-Shirt craze across our country's bars

  4. Never could quite see her, just another underfed broad, much like Katherine Ross.

    Nice midsection, though.

  5. Yoooow.....you could get lost in those eyes!

  6. She was a star in many of my dreams when i was a younger man

  7. A rare beautiful woman, striking, and unique.


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