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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Update to the CSI investigation of the disappearing FFF post....


   Upon checking my email, I found this in the SPAM folder...  

That explains a "few" things. But not the who? and why?.




  1. So why not ask them for specifics and see if they actually have facts?
    I would...

    I went to virustotal.com and ran a scan of the FFF repost and it was 100% clean, so it's their end.

  2. Someone at google is maliciously tagging blogger post as containing malware. They hit Stilton's Place yesterday and deleted nine of my post today going back as far as last month. I expect this is just the beginning


  3. All I can think of is, something you posted was detected as a virus. What, is a good question. Jpeg images can contain viruses. But they have to be specifically crafted that way.

    Google "can images contain viruses". You may have picked up a bad image somewhere, then reposted it.

    I recommend using .png files. They are better quality images. Also, do not use the "save as" function in a browser - copy the image to a paintshop-type program (windows paint will work), then save as a .png file. That has the effect of changing how programs react to the image type, which should eliminate the .jpg issue.

    Finally, use a high quality antivirus with on-access scanning enabled (I like bitdefender).

  4. I received a "security warning" from google that wouldn't allow me to access your blog, for an hour or so this afternoon. Same thing at wirecutters's, borepatch's and the Elm Tree Forge (Irons in the Fire). I don't know of any others that were affected. I thought maybe I had a virus?

    Woodsterman and Splendid Isolation were not disrupted during this time.


  5. "flagged for review" "content has violated Malware and Viruses policy"


    This is software, not malware, and if there is any virus, it's not visible. As for the "person" that flagged the FFF, I won't type my thoughts. Most everyone has the same thoughts, I would guess.

  6. I was going through the blog lineup last night early this morning? and got the

    You really should not go there.
    Screen. I got it at four or five sites, so things got weird in the interwebs
    Last night.

  7. We were all advised earlier this week that the Chicoms were taking control of Internet content. Why is everyone acting so surprised?

  8. A reader e-mailed me last night and said she got a notice from Google that my site was unsafe and not to open it because of a virus. I don't know what to do ..... :o(

  9. Aesop big country and wrsa all had the same thing.

  10. Yup, Red screen of death. Wouldn't let me in back then. Hate it when they tell me where I can and can't go.

  11. I was off the air also, but I never received an email from google.

  12. Is it just me, or has Mrs Smith gone missing?

  13. Most likely homos.


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