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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Ultra Rare Hemi-Cuda up for auction. It could fetch MILLIONS.


Ultra-rare 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda worth millions up for auction

Read the whole story HERE.




  1. An old acquaintance of mine had his out yesterday on my street, parked at the Legion. His is a hard top maroon on black with the 340. Eye candy machine for sure. Ohio Guy

  2. I must add that one of my buds had one back in "the day" and I rode in it a few times. We were kings of cool back then. Now I drive an old pick up, wtf! Ohio Guy

  3. I got out of the Navy in October of '69. Within days, I ordered a Cuda. '70 Cuda, 440 6-pack, 4 speed, 4.10 rear with the best suspension package and the Shaker hood scoop. Yellow with a black vinyl top. It arrived and I took delivery the day after Thanksgiving 1969. Why I didn't order the hemi, I have no idea. 5 mpg around town, 12 on the trip to Dillon SC when we eloped.
    Absolutely the worst car I've ever owned before or since. I couldn't wait to trade it in. The one time I put it on a drag strip, I went for 2nd gear and the clutch pedal stayed to the floor. Who the hell puts an aluminum clutch pivot on a car like this? I crawl under the car to see what the hell broke and I look at the broken pivot and I'm thinking how the hell am I going to get that out. I turned it out with my fingers. Car was just junk. Within a year there was rust in the trunk.
    Naturally, today it's worth it's weight in gold.

    1. I bought a used 70 Cuda like you ordered but in red with 80k miles the summer of 78 as a rising senior in high school. It handled like crap and I couldn't afford to keep gas in it. I lived on a farm out in the country. It was a consistent 6 mpg.

      I wish I had parked it in the barn but after 8 months I found a guy that took it off my hands for abut what I had in it.

  4. Wow, that looks exactly like the car that my HS buddy Roger had back in '70. It was a Hemi, 1968 drop top, and we put a gas line cooler on it because we didn't want to mess with anything else. Ran like a raped ape!

    I wonder where it went?!?!


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