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Monday, April 12, 2021

Happy Monday...


 Thanks for all the comments and links to review in the vaccine poll. I do hope this helps others

to make a decision based on personal research rather than a rush to do something TPTB tell you

to do.  

 One thing, I forgot to mention earlier is the fact that now I am seeing people out on motorcycles 

wearing masks and in the state of NH there is no helmet law. 

Think about that chain of thought for a minute.

  Coming home on Saturday we passed a gentleman on a big Harley. Flowing long gray hair and

 long grey beard, no helmet, beautiful 75 degree day with no clouds, and with a mask on. 

Moving on, the sky has been a dark shade of orange due to the sunrise that greeted me.

As always, the pictures don't do it justice......

Enjoy the day!!


  1. Longview Texas, I've seen a guy on a Harley, no helmet, wearing a mask.
    The Harley riders have, I think, the highest percentage of people who wear shorts, flip flops,your basic lawn chair clothes, but they ride like that. The crotch rocket crowd tend to wear helmet and gloves,
    The "I'm A rebel, I ride without a helmet" must feel great, while strapping a mask on.

    If nothing else the gutlessness of the people has now been quantified,and just how submissive we are is going to have the social engineers in an orgasmic lather.
    America needs to ditch those masks

    1. Saw that too! Was it on Gilmer road in the Springhill area?

    2. Certainly could have been. I'm in South Upsher County and300 is the most used road to town for me. Straight shot to harbor freight, the bank and the sporting goods store.

      Skulls,, on me or my bike..
      No thanks..

  2. I dunno...maybe they found they get fewer bugs in their teeth while wearing masks?

    1. Some wear the skull face masks and I see a some in on the cool mornings
      This was on a Harley with a windscreen and it was a black mask like the blue masks with the earloops that everyone has.

    2. Well, didn't the illustrious Governor of NH mandate masks every time you're outside your home. Why, YES he did. The biker was just complying with the law dontcha know. ;-((


  3. That's a nice little piece of paradise you have there, Irish. Happy regards, Ohio Guy

  4. It is insane the thought process of some people. When I am out I continually make observations as well. The young people wearing masks is astonishing as all I have heard is it barely affects them if they get it.

    I now get mad that the little ones are being scared shitless about this by their parents. Guess its all part of the programming in their long march through the institutions. I know people are dying from it and heart disease, cancer and other things as well.

    Still no one will say what the cost per vaccine is. Funny how that works.

  5. Lots of bikers wore masks in traffic before covid. they tended to be sort of molded neoprene looking... and were mainly meant to keep bugs and debris out of your mouth. Some of them had some efficacy against exhaust gases.

    not everything is about the chinkyflu


    1. This was definitely chinkyflu. He had a full windscreen and it was the small rectangular black mask with ear loops. To each their own, I just find it odd that you are out, on your own, away from everyone on a beautiful sunny day and are wearing a mask. I get having one if you're gonna stop for gas or food or shopping. fwiw.

    2. Lots of bikers wore masks in traffic before covid..

      In cold weather, A baliclava is common, but I have never seen a biker wearing a face diaper before. Maybe a bandana, or baliclava, but blue paper?

  6. If they said it was just to keep the bugs out of the teeth, I might give them a pass, otherwise they're still just sheep.

    1. The bike had a full windscreen as I noted in a few comments.

  7. It's not a vaccine.
    Vaccines prevent you from contracting a disease.
    You can still get Covid-19 after you have taken the flu shot, and you can still pass it on to others.
    Oh, and wearing a mask won't prevent you from getting it either.

    Fauci should be arrested and charged with murder, as should everyone else who's pushed this pandemic scare, including numerous bloggers, radio and TV personalities and politicos.
    They're all guilty of screaming "FIRE" in the theater. For a virus that 99.8% who get it survive it.

  8. Hey Irish and everyone,
    I didn't get a chance to respond on the previous post about taking the "kill shot".
    I agree with Ned2, Chief Nose Wetter, Ultimate Ordnance, and others about not taking the shot.
    I won't rehash their points as I have the same view.
    It is gene therapy.
    Even Fauxi said we need booster shots next year to combat "variants".
    Variants typically lessen, not strengthen (fear porn), otherwise the host would be killed off and the virus dies.
    Fauxi has said we need masks, lockdowns, etc.
    He has said masks don't work.
    He has said to wear two masks, etc.
    He has said the vaccine will work, but need to still wear masks (seriously).
    I don't buy it.
    Follow the money.
    This guy is not taking the vaccine with a >99% survival rate.
    We don't know the long term effects of the vaccine (er therapy) will do to us yet I have family and friends who has taken it and will be watching them to see if it was good or not.
    A lot of pressure to take it is in the air.
    Why and not good...
    Shamrock17 out

    1. Falsi is reportedly due to make at least &100 million off the therapy. Also, make a wild guess as to where his wife is employed.

  9. So if you were a mask while riding alone, when you go to bed alone, do you put on a condom just in case?

    1. Doesn't everybody? *looks under the sheets*

  10. later in the week I'll be out at Hampton beach. last year I was there and a couple with a young child..matching rubber yellow gloves (like the kind you wash dishes with) goggles, and blue paper masks. walking on the beach in full sunlight with a stiff breeze blowing. the kid went into the water up to his knees and came back. he had gotten water in his gloves and was attempting to remove them. both parents were yelling at him to stop and how he would get sick and die if he took them off.

    if you're that afraid..why the hell did you go out of the house at all?

  11. Have you ever swallowed a bug while speeding along the highway? Ain't no fun. Just sayin'. Anyhoo, just point and laugh as you go by. Maybe they'll get the idea.

  12. Don't remember the sunrises when I was up in Conway on Mission trips but the sunsets were fantastic.

  13. I've seen several pictures over the last year of men riding with no helmet but with a face mask... As mentioned above, idiocy and I would add hypocrisy as well.

    Don't forget that the Pfizer and Moderna shots are NOT vaccines, technically. They are a form of gene therapy and are designed to reduce symptoms and effects of the illness, not to prevent getting it - an illness with a 99.87% survival rate until you reach 80, where it drops to 94%.


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