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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Back in the day....








  1. When we got into our teens it became full contact tackle football, no pads or helmets. We wound up with sprains, stitches, etc. Our parents just said to be careful.

  2. Back in the 70s, we teenage girls rode our horses close to a wooden fence to peek over at a ball game. The horse in front of me kicked me in the chest with both hind hooves. I flew backward 20 feet and landed on my back, unconscious and breath knocked out. As I raised up on one elbow, the girls asked unconcernedly if I was ok while some boys were snickering that my shirt had become unbuttoned. I didn't consider it noteworthy enough to mention to the folks because it was par for the course.

  3. The family was at a local picnic area that had a pool, Olympic size, with diving board.
    Silly (haven't changed yet!) nine year old me, who'd never seen water outside a bath tub, ran to the board, followed the big kids of course, and yelled, "Hey, Dad, watch me swim!"
    Ten minutes later, I could hear dad laffing and saying, "I thought he was smarter than that."
    I still don't go near water over my knees.

  4. I forgot to mention this the first time I read this. We were getting ready to practice football for 8th grade. I was playing catch with our quarterback and accidently ran my hand on top of the chain link fence, the kind with crossed links on top that came up into two small spikes. I cut the palm of my hand on a set of them, just enough to get them bleeding good, but not all that deep. I showed it to the coach, who sprayed some anti bacterial spray on it, then told me, get this, to go and grab a handful of dirt and rub it on the hand, to stop the bleeding!
    I did what he said, the bleeding actually slowly stopped, and I went about practicing, playing center and defensive tackle. Of course, it still hurt, but the bleeding never started again. And I didn't get any infection either. I must say, I do believe that kids today are being raised to be pussies. Sorry for the language, but there is no better way of saying it.


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