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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Home Defense..


via insomnia twit surfing....


  1. In Britain, we're reduced to bows and arrows and souvenir baseball bats from Disney and Universal. Needs must when the devil drives and all that.

    1. Cricket bats work well as does a mace, cross bows are good to have for some extra distance, although a yew wood long bow is wicked.

    2. And pnuematic nail guns.
      I've also taken to claw hammers in all the vehicles.

  2. From FakeBook, yes I know I should leave.
    "Tyler C
    Magazine capacity limits and keeping illiterate rednecks from owning military-grade firearms does NOT equal the abolishment of the Second Amendment. You people are so easily brainwashed with simple catchphrases.
    · Reply · 1d

    The constitution protects the right of the people to maintain military arms. Your silly belief that they didn’t intend modern weapons, is akin to saying all speech on the internet isn’t protected because the first only protects parchment and quills."

    It is sort of relevant.

  3. Good thing I can own arms more effective than muzzle loaders - I'm old tired and broken and would hate to have to resort to the cutlass or cavalry sabre on the mantel.

  4. Nope. Me and Mr. Ruger are good friends. At least, we were before my boating accident...

    1. Oh please, stop with this stupid memme about boating accidents. If you are truly ignorant enough to put all your firearms in a boat, well. Consider, if it is time to hide your firearms from those who would take take them from you, then it must be time to use them for the purpose the 2nd was written.


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