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Friday, February 12, 2021

And now you know!



  1. If there is a video in this post, it's not showing up on my mobile device... Maybe it's just me?

    1. No-show on my telephone, too.
      Any time this happens, I go to the bottom of this page to 'view web version'.
      The video is there on the desktop version... plus a nifty-neato mast-head!

  2. Personally, I like Spam. I see jokes about it from Army and Marine corp types that said it came in MRE's. But I put 4 years in the Navy and never even saw a MRE. I usually make it like a pork fried rice in a wok.

    1. I like it too. I always have. I like to eat it as a sandwich meat right out of the can or fried for breakfast, especially when camping. I came across a potato casserole made with spam not long ago. It was a huge hit with everyone.

  3. I always keep a few cans around. They've improved the product. You don't get anywhere near as much of that gelatin when you first open it. Good prep food too.

  4. Still extremely popular in Hawaii, Guam, PI, and other islands liberated in WWII. Once liberated,
    these islands were filled with starving masses. Between Spam and DDT, they were fed and healthy.
    To this day in Guam, Denny's Restaurants feature Spam and eggs breakfasts and local Chamorro
    foods. Since many of these islands were governed by Spain, there is also a strong Spanish
    influence as well as Asian Chamorro red rice uses the same flavoring as Mexican rice, Caldo
    de Tomate, which is dried powdered chicken stock and dry powdered tomatoes.

    My WWII baby mother fed me so much Spam, I learned to hate it. Her civilian version of Shit On
    A Shingle (using ground beef rather than chipped beef) still makes my mouth water. She learned
    to cook from her mother during the deepest part of the great depression. She was frugal and
    she wasted nothing. Spam saved a lot of lives in the Pacific and in Europe.

  5. Now you'll know everything.

    1. 1964 Hormel was the best. Great video.
      It garnered one comment from an asswipe named "Spuzz":

      "Holy Hormel!
      Kids! A word of advice for you... Don't you dare ask your dad to take you on a trip to the Hormel Plant! Otherwise, your dad will accompany you in a ridiculous bowler hat that looks straight from a halloween kit, while you watch pig carcasses get 'disassembled'!! Shoulders to the ham department! Fat to the gelatin department! Pigs feet to the.. pig's feet department! (They're a delicious delicacy!). Really loved the cow hide removal demo, yum. As many reviewers have pointed out, this film has the bubbliest chirpy music for a film about pig carcasses ever made.
      Bonus points for the cheap cheap title cards!
      This is a MUST SEE on this site!!"

  6. Breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions, if you like salt, fat and a list of chemicals that would choke a horse in your food. Spam is the most disgusting faux food ever invented.

    When I was a kid my mother would occasionally serve it for lunch, but only when Dad wasn't home. He hated that stuff. That came from having to eat it three times a day or go hungry during WWII.


    1. Pork with Ham, Salt, Water, Potato Starch, Sugar, Sodium Nitrate.
      That's all.
      Watch that archive.org video.
      Very cool.

  7. Might want to rethink hot dogs, Balona bacon all of the sausage links liver mush liverwurst and any other highly processed meat product. Putting it in a rectangular can doesn't make it bad.

  8. The most shoplifted item in Hawaii, at least while I was there, was Spam. Some stores had it in locked cases.

  9. I lived on Spam as a kid, it was pretty much all the "meat" we could afford. I'd still be eating it today if it weren't for the nitrate preservative, I'm allergic to nitrites/nitrates unfortunately. Also, the sodium is not recommended for us Old Farts with blood pressure and/or heart problems.

    I really like Spam, in spite of having to eat it a LOT as a kid. I just can't have it nowadays. Bummer.

  10. per travel author Paul Theroux: anywhere cannibalism was popular, Spam is popular. The closest you can get to the taste of long pig.

  11. I keep to eat and prep. Before my brother pasted he lived on the ocean side of the intercostal next door to Ft. Lauderdale. Across the intercostal was Ft. Lauderdale and 7 homes owned by the hormel family. It was interesting observing them during holidays. One thanksgiving they had a live turkey for the grand kids penned up. It disappeared a few hours before their meal. I could only think of the movie Giant and the turkey Pedro.


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