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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Way Back Wednesday

 Raquel Welch, 1960s : OldSchoolCool

Raquel Welch Turns 80: 8 Things You May Not Know About The Hollywood Legend  - Everything Zoomer

Raquel Welch (Actress) - On This Day

Raquel Welch - Turner Classic Movies

50+ Gorgeous Color Photos Of Raquel Welch, Classic American Beauty

Raquel Welch - Rotten Tomatoes

Then and now: Raquel Welch turns 77


  1. You almost gave me a heart infarct when I saw that first pic of the woman I love dearly, Raquel Welch...

  2. Thank you for that!! Started my “Fantastic voyage. Thank you!
    Paul J

  3. I knew I was hetero when I was a pup. She was proof positive...

  4. I would take Raquel at 80 yrs old over any of the 20 yr old, plastic bimbos that Hollyweird pushes now.

    GAAAWWWDDD!!! What a Gorgeous Woman!

  5. Timeless beauty. Just as invigorating in any age or century.


  6. She really wasn't all that much (my tastes ran to Virna Lisi, Senta Berger), but in the late 60s (she was called The Body of the Flower Generation) and 70s, she was all there was.

    As she aged, however, she got a lot classier.

  7. We had a Snap-on Tool calendar with Raquel's picture in the bunker for years. Her daughter is pretty as well..


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