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Monday, January 25, 2021

Mornin' Magic, Who's Behind the Mask, Truth...




I see the Newsom recall is gathering steam. Quick a distraction!

 For those playing at home and searching for information. Read the headlines if you check for Newsom




Best one yet!

So much truth in one image.

 Enjoy your day out there.






  1. It's a Dempanic, conveniently used for several "Squirrel" Democrap functions. Stealing an election, crashing the Economy, making more people dependent on the Gubmint - you know the drill!

  2. This Far Right Radical has him a recall petition. Of course it's we on the right. We're the only ones that read the Constitution.

  3. Irish I just wanted to take time to tell ya thanks so much for that Buckethead link a while back. Dude I can't stop listening to his music. Especially the slower head trippy stuff. I owe ya one friend.

  4. I suspect the California recall effort is doomed to failure for the very same reason the recall for Kate Brown failed in Oregon: TPTB at the state level will find any and every excuse to refuse to certify the petition. They just say "too few valid signatures", "missed the deadline by XX hours", etc. We have been removed from the first three "boxes" options, the only one left is that fourth box.


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